April 2010

Candidates Website Reviews

I will be posting a review of the candidate's websites for County Commissioner. It is interesting to look at the different campaign websites and see who is internet savy and who is just outdated. A similar project to when Ruby looked at the candidate's different yard signs. After County Commissioner, County School Board and Sheriff candidates will follow. Have you looked at the websites and seen any you specifically like or dislike? Let me know!

Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness

A question has been raised about the Orange County Partnership to End Homeless. The Partnership completed its plan in 2007 and has 5 goals:

     Reduce Chronic Homelessness

     Increase Employment

     Prevent Homelessness

     Increase Access to Services

     Increase Public Participation in Ending Homelessness

The 2009 Annual Report will be released in May and will highlight the progress made towards  those goals. This annual report can be found on the Partnership's website. Any member of our executive team would be happy to answer further questions about the partnership and its work.

County Commissioner Website Reviews

These are my reviews of all of the websites of the candidates running for County Commissioner! I will be looking at web sites in other races in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think!

PTA and League of Women Voters OC Commissioner Live-Blog

Yup, I will be live-blogging yet another OC Commish forum for you guys! The forum is Wednesday April 14 in the Chapel Hill Council Chambers.

My coverage will be right here starting at 7pm. If you don't particularly want to go to the forum OR read my live-blog (where I periodically diverge on rants about people asking me to type softer)--the forum will also be televised live on the government access, Time Warner channel 18.

Scheduled to attend so far are: Joal Hall Broun, Alice Gordon, Barry Jacobs, Earl McKee, Joe Phelps and Renee Price.

2010 WCHL Community Forum: You're Invited to Submit Questions

A great community tradition returns on Thursday, April 22:  The 1360 WCHL Community Forum.

This year, we are inviting members of the community to send in suggested questions which may be used during the sessions. If you’d like to submit a question for consideration, please e-mail it to:  2010Forum@1360wchl.com

We’d love to hear from you!

Also this year, we are returning to our roots and presenting ten topics in ten hours.  Below are this year’s topics and panelists who are scheduled to appear (a few others are still awaiting confirmation).

For those not familiar with the "WCHL Community Forum", it iso ur most anticipated single day of broadcasting of the year.  The tradition of delving into and focusing on issues facing our community started many years ago… and brings together points of view of government officials, community leaders and citizens.

I hope you will be a part of the day by by sending in your questions.

Improper Record Keeping at Hillsborough Police Department?

I just received the following press release from the town of Hillsborough.  I wonder what impact this will have on the sheriff's race, where (recently) former Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead is challenging incumbent Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass, with early voting starting today.  Because this is the first I have heard of this issue, I have no idea if it's significant that the town chose to put out a press release today, as opposed to waiting until the investigation was completed.  The timing seems odd to me, and from the press release it's unclear that the police department (or its leadership) did anything wrong if indeed their accrediting agency instructed them to backdate reports.  Is there anyone more familiar with this issue who can comment?

Hillsborough Town Manager Eric Peterson is nearing the end of an investigation regarding improper recordkeeping in the Police Department’s CALEA accreditation process.

Indy endorsements 2010

As usual, there's some good in the Independent Weekly's endorsements, and some bad, and... oh hey, there's a judicial race this year?  Wow, thanks for the heads up, Indy.

They recommend Renee Price for Commissioner District 2, and Barry Jacobs for the At-large district. I'm sure some of you readers will respectfully disagree and prefer Joal Broun, but I think she's fine where she is and I'd would rather see Barry continue his good work on the Board of County Commissioners.

The surprise for me was that they chose to endorse 28-year incumbent Lindy Pendergrass for Sheriff rather than former Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead. There is no doubt that Pendergrass has served us well (for longer than some voters have been alive), but Birkhead seems more in line with Orange County values today.

For Orange County School Board, they picked Debbie Piscitelli, Anne Medenblik, Donna Dean Coffey, Laura Nicholson. But they didn't offer much explanation for not endorsing Brenda Stephens, I thought.

Here's the Indy's entire slate:

The First Full Week of Early Voting Begings Today!

Early Voting has begun!  You can take a look at a sample ballot here and get your choices in order:  http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/SampleBallot.asp

Here is the OCDP voter guide if you want to read up on the candidates:  http://orangedems.com/ocdp-voters-guide

Remember there are only 2 early voting sites this time.  The Planetarium in Chapel Hill, and the Board of Elections site in Hillsborough.  Primary Election Day itself is May 4.
Voting site addresses and times for early voting here:  http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/onestop.asp

Have you voted yet?  And who are you supporting (if you feel inclined to share)?


Mark Peters has his eye on you

Hey Mark, what's all this business about you making UNC's Director of Local Relations hand over her contact list? All you're going to find out is who wants to know what UNC is doing, in other words: everyone. 

I understand you've also asked the Town of Chapel Hill to share all official e-mail regarding relocating the homeless shelter. I can kind of imagine what you're trying to get at there, but I doubt you'll find anything useful.  So maybe Mayor Foy and the Chancellor Moeser made some kind of arrangement to transfer this land, that's already publicly apparent. What does that prove?  How will that help your neighbors' cause to keep the Interfaith Council's Community House out of the neighborhood?  It almost seems like you want to intimidate public officials, Mark. I'm not sure why.



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