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Experimenting with gender segregation

Guest post by Eric Muller
Cross posted at Is That Legal?

My reaction to this article about an experiment in single-sex education in all core classes at a local middle school was mostly "hmmm ... interesting ... maybe a little troubling ... but interesting ..." until I got to this stunner:

All [the teacher originating the idea] knew was that she intended to retire next year after 31 years and was running out of time to test her theory [that 7th graders would learn better without the "daily drama" of interaction between the sexes].

But she and her colleagues didn't tell the superintendent or the school board, choosing to notify parents of the experiment in letters sent home Jan. 6, a Friday. They assured parents that the experiment would last a few months at most.

Act now to protect democracy

Guest Post by Jacquie Gist

Help Save Our Democracy!

Please call Congress Member David Price's office NOW this weekend and encourage him to support John Conyers House Resolution 635 calling for the creation of a select committee to investigate the administration. The Congressman needs to know that many in his district consider this the most important thing he can do this term and we will remember his vote come election day.

Contact David Price:
Chapel Hill office: 919-967-7924
DC office: 202-225-1784

Selecting the grand jury in 2006

Guest post by Alan McSurely

Discussion on Impeachment of George Bush Town Meeting
7 PM, January 27, Carrboro Town Hall
Panel to include Dan Pollitt, Diana McDuffee, Lucy Lewis, Al McSurely
- dent : Impeach Who?
When we vote in May and again in November 2006 in the Congressional primary and general election, the most important issue facing us is to select strong members for the impeachment grand jury. The House of Representatives has three main constitutional duties: to spend our money wisely; to declare war when the U.S. is in real danger; and to impeach (that is, charge) the President and the Vice President with high crimes and misdemeanors. The Senate then sits as a criminal jury, and decides whether to convict and remove them from office.

Local businesses underwrite right-wing rants

Guest Post by Eric Muller

Is Raleigh Metro Magazine delivered to your home without your ever having subscribed to it? It is to mine. It's a monthly high-gloss magazine that's trying to be a guide to The Good Life here in the Triangle, with stories on food and wine, art and architecture, music and theater, local businesses, and the like. And lots of advertisements from local businesses. It's the kind of magazine you'd expect to be handed by a real estate agent if you were thinking of moving to town. A polished, visually attractive, feel-good, community-boosting, inoffensive publication.

Wait. Did I say "inoffensive?" Let me change that. It's inoffensive until you get to the back pages of the magazine, where editor and publisher Bernie Reeves cuts loose with his political views in his monthly column. And when I say "cuts loose," I mean "cuts loose." This is stuff that would make Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or even Michael Savage blush.

Here's a sampling of views and quotes from his columns:

Excuses excuses

Guest Post by Ginny Franks

"Voting is perhaps the most important duty we have as citizens of the United States. But it also is important to remember to vote for the area that we are shaping as students at this University. We are a part of this community, whether we're from Wilmington or Boone.

So register to vote.

It doesn't matter for whom or what you vote. Just do it. It's as simple as that."

– Emma Burgin, Daily Tar Heel columnist and former City Editor

If the State Board of Elections records are right (Disclaimer: they aren't always!), then Emma Burgin didn't vote.



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