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Election results graph

Guest Post/Cross-posted by Xan Gregg
Orange Country provides timely online election results, and their HTML is friendly enough that is can be imported into JMP. Below is a graph I came up to show the Chapel Hill town council results by precinct. Precincts, along the horizontal axis, are sorted by number of total votes. [Click graph to see full resolution version.]

I’m thinking there’s a better graph using area, but this overlay is the best I can do easily. At least it shows a few interesting pieces of information:

Peace vigil tonight at 6:30

Guest Post by Steve Sherman

There will be a vigil tonight at the Franklin St Post Office to commemorate the death of 2000 American military personnel. To end the ongoing bloodshed, American troops need to be withdrawn from Iraq. Let's not have to have a vigil for the 3,000th serviceperson fallen. Apologies for the MoveOn boilerplate:

2000 Too Many Have Died
Not One More Death. Not One More Dollar.
Join a Vigil to Remember the Fallen and the Living--Support the
Troops, Bring Them Home Now!

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 6:30pm
Franklin St. Post Office
(Please Bring Candles)

There will be over 400 events in 49 states.

We have just received word that the moment we have been dreading has arrived: 2,000 U.S. servicepeople have now died in Iraq. We grieve for these two thousand men and women, killed in the prime of their lives, for a war based on lies, and we grieve for the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have also died in the chaos and carnage the Bush Administration has brought to their country.

Local politics on campus

Guest Post by Ryan Tuck

For the first time in its history The Daily Tar Heel will host a municipal elections forum designed to attract more University community interest in municipal elections. The 329 student-aged voters who participated in 2003 are a constant reminder that the campus community has held a passing interest in local political affairs. We feel a responsibility to help change that.

With co-sponsors in student government, the College Republicans, Young Democrats, VoteCarolina, Black Student Movement, the Graduate and Professional Student Federation and the Interfraternity Council, we will host an informal community speak-out style forum THIS WEDNESDAY from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Greenlaw 101 - the one next to Lenoir Dining Hall. A map is available at:

Carrboro candidates face off

Guest Post by Tom Jensen

The Carrboro Sierra Club Candidates Forum is tonight at 7 PM in the Board Room at Carrboro Town Hall. The forum will start with 75 minutes of questions for Aldermen candidates, and conclude with 45 minutes of the Mayoral candidates.

We will be taking questions from the audience, so if you have anything you want asked but can't be there feel free to post here and I will add it to the pool of possible questions.

This is the first opportunity to see the Carrboro candidates face off, so you should all either come or watch it live on the People's Channel!

Tom Jensen is a Senior at UNC on the Sierra Club Political Commitee. He is also the chair of Students for a Progressive Chapel Hill.

Good booze for a good cause

Guest Post by George Cianciolo

The Orange Community Housing & Land Trust is kicking off a 30-day fundraiser beginning tonight at Whole Foods on Elliot Road from 5 PM - 8 PM. The fundraiser is utilizing a raffle for four (4) bottles of premium wines. The wines are a Los Carneros Syrah (value $ 16.99), a 2004 Saintsbury Chardonnay ($19.99), a 10-year old Tawny Port ($31.99) and a Ferrari-Carano Merlot ($24.99). The tickets are $5.00 each and the winner gets all 4 bottles. Of course, it is all for a good cause, even if you don't drink. After tonight, tickets will also be available through October 14th at the Land Trust office at 104 Jones Ferry Road, Suite C, Carrboro. The telephone number for the Land Trust is 967-1545.

So, if you can, show your support for the Land Trust and affordable housing in Orange County by buying a ticket (or several).




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