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IFC Seeks Applications for the Good Neighbor Plan Advisory Committee

On September 26, members of the Chapel Hill Town Council suggested that the Community House Good Neighbor Plan Advisory Committee expand its membership . Hence, the IFC is seeking applications for committee membership. See for more detail. The application form can be found at Applications should be submitted to the IFC before October 14. 

County Comp Plan Thread debates Rural Airport, Kenan Stadium

Since May 2008 I count six posts relating to the County Comp Plan. The event calendar thread of Nov. 17 by far has generated the most comments -- 25 and counting. However, few of these comments actually debate the proposed comp plan -- which will guide growth and development in the county's planning jurisdiction for the next 20 years. Great interest is shown regarding the possible HW replacement airport being build in the county and in the funding of Kenan Stadium. The post from May 17 generated the most debate about the plan of any of the posts -- eight total.

 I'm concerned this "evidence" accurately portrays the degree of disinterest in how County government intends to "plan" for our future.

 the link below directs you to the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Coalition website


Nov 11 Calendar and Veteran's Day

I was just reminded today is Veterans Day, so I immeadiately contacted my stepson who is an Iraq War Vet. Then I looked on OP to post a calendar event and saw that two very special events were taking place tonight, both topics of which I have strong personal and professional interest.

However, I was also disapointed that Vets Day was chosen as the day for these events. A lot of social injustice and other problems have been committed by our military, but I think it would be good to set aside this day as a day to focus on the justice needs of Vets, rather than -- or at least in addition to -- what these two events are about.

Commissioners Work Session Oct. 14 on proposed Comprehensive Plan

The County Commissioners will provide its comments to staff on the draft Comprehensive Plan. The public is welcome to attend to hear Board comments and discussions. Limited seating is available. An agenda for this meeting is posted on the County’s main website at:

The County Commissioners are expected to consider Plan adoption in November. Additional notice will be forthcoming.

Board of County Commissioners Work Session
7:30 PM, Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Link Government Services Center
200 S. Cameron St., Hillsborough

for more detail, see

Comment on Comprehensive Plan Now, Commissioners to Vote in Fall

Orange County Comprehensive Plan This fall, the Orange County Commissioners are scheduled to approve a new Comprehensive Plan; the first such vote in nearly thirty years! If you work, live or own land in Orange County, the Plan affects you; it sets a vision for how the county will develop over the next 20 years. Please take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of Orange County by voicing your interests and concerns to the Orange County Planning Board and County Commissioners.

Once adopted, the new Comprehensive Plan will begin to impact decisions about our tax base, the kind of jobs and housing created in the county, where new development will occur, what that development will look like, and how we will move about the county.



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