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Hi all, Even though I Was not invited to the forum, I attended the Central West Focus Committee Meeting. Gary Kahn

Political Signs

Hi all, Just noticed that Maria  Palmer and George C have  put out their political signs, As one person said at a Town Council  meeting ,a couple of years ago ,which I attended , WHAT AN EYESORE| I agree I pledge to you NO POLITICAL  SIGNS FOR ME, IM A  BUMPER STICKER TYPE OF GUY. Gary Kahn

Chapel Hill Ballot

Hi all, Just  a note the  November sample ballot for Chapel Hill  can now be viewed  at  N.C. Board of elections. org.  gary kahn

Gary Kahn Website

hi all, I do not have an official website but you can read all about me by doing a google, bing, or yahoo  search by Gary Kahn Chapel Hill or Gary Kahn in Chapel Hill. Gary Kahn


Hi all, I attended the obey creek meeting last  night and I noticed that George C and Sally Greene were sitting together and talking  . Just a thought is that a reason why George C did not decide to apply for the vacancy  and support Sally and now decided to seek a council seat. Just a thought.



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