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Photos from Holden Thorp's visit to Maple View Dairy

[Chancellor & friends, photo by John Rees]Here are some photos I took on my visit today to Maple View Dairy in rural Orange County. They were hosting a celebration to thank UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp for halting the process for the airport. Mr. Thorp was there having an ice cream as well as many of the key parties that worked so hard to oppose the airport.

I was told later by someone that Chancellor Thorp is a regular visitor to Maple View already, but I did not know if that was shared in confidence so I will not divulge the source. :-)

My notes from the Airport meeting at White Cross

I attended the meeting at the White Cross community center, in Southern Orange County. There was a good turnout of people. The community center is a building housing gymnasium / basketball court and space surrounding it for spectators.  The room was full of attendees.  

The group that arranged the meeting is called “Preserve Rural Orange”; they are just getting organized to oppose the airport.  They were handing out ‘No Airport” signs and bumper stickers at the meeting and asking for donations to offset the cost of printing.

Watch the debate tonight at the Peoples Channel

If you haven’t already made plans, please consider watching tonight’s presidential debate at the Peoples Channel on Elliot Road.

Copied from the Peoples Channel web site

“TPC is opening the airwaves to members of the community to come in the studio to watch the Presidential debates. We will be going LIVE Friday Sept. 26th at 8:30pm with the debate between Sen. John McCain & Sen. Barack Obama
on the big screen.

The community is welcome to come in to
share their thoughts before, during, & after the debates.

Live coverage will go on until 11pm
with rebroadcasts the following day.
Don’t let the corporate pundits have the last word,
come in & tell the community what you think while you watch.

What: TPC Watch & Share of the Presidential Debate LIVE
When: Friday Sept 26th. Doors open at 8pm,
we will broadcast LIVE at 8:30 until 11pm.
Where: TPC Studios 300AC S Elliott Rd Chapel Hill
Please call 919.960.0088 if you have any questions”

Sample ballots.

For those of you haven’t voted yet, if you want to get a look at the ballot before you head in to the polls, you can bring up an exact copy of it here.You need to enter your address, and affiliation, and then you will get a PDF document of the ballot you will need to complete when you vote.


Obama is messing with us.

Many of OP readers stood in lines this morning aiming to obtain tickets for the Rally next week in Carrboro. Looks like he’s asking us to do it all over again tomorrow in many of the same places for a rally occurring Monday evening at the Smith Center.

Locally, tickets will be obtainable again at the Moorhead Planetarium and also at the Carrboro town hall. Will I get in line again tomorrow? Probably. I am such a sucker.




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