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bike survey

 I just completed the Chapel Hill Bike Survey. Here is the link.


Hintz for Town Council

I have copied the letter I submitted today for town council. As of today 5 other people have applied for the position. I look forward to learning about the other candidates. Fifteen years ago when my son was one I  applied for a vacancy. Since then I've served on numerous committees and boards but never ran for office. (My only attempt was in 1990 when I ran for the State House.) More recently I decided not to run because of my aging parents who then passed away. My wife had an illness but she has completely recovered. My son is older and more independent. Teaching always keeps me busy but I now have a much better handle on it. So I am ready to devote myself to Town Council.


Application for Town Council by Loren Hintz                            Jan. 4, 2012

Health Care and employees

I was in Ohio for the holidays. My sister works for a fastfood place. Her boss told her she needs to reschedule all of the full time employees to 28 hours or less so he does not have to comply with any of the new health law requirements. Is this happening in North Carolina and is it legal?


parking lot landscaping

Is there a difference in the landscaping of parking lots regulations between Chapel Hill and Carrboro? I noticed the new lot by the Open Eye Cafe doesn't have any space for trees and the old farmers market (now private carr mill employee parking) only has only one tree handing on. Of course the trees provide pleasant shade in the summer and most people with a car want to park it in the shade. I see some new bus shelters have been built. Is there any plan to plant trees near them?



Saturday's Progressive Democrats Conference in Chapel Hill featured Marisol Jimendez-McGee of El Pueblo. She summarized the macroeconomic causes of immigration to NC and some of the local reactions to it. She ended with a plea for help. So what do we do?



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