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The Other Stuff on the Ballot – May 2008 Edition

So you’ve got Barack and Hillary all figured out, but what else is on the ballot?Yes, it’s my periodic profile of the lesser known races on the ballot this May. I will be partisan and leave it to some other writer to profile the Republican Primaries (there are some). And I am skipping over the US President, NC Governor and US Senate races, presuming that you can find some good info on those somewhere else. I am also skipping the Orange School Board and the District 2 Commissioner races because I don't live in either of those districts and have not really followed those races.So what else is out there? A bunch of stuff and some of it is even fairly important. I have bolded below the names of folks that I think are the clear choice. In a few races you will see two bolded names in cases where I think progressive voters have an interesting choice to make. I personally have an opinion about those races as well and that may come through in my commentary.Lieutenant Governor – No Incumbent There are four candidates for Lieutenant Governor, but only two of them seem to have much of a following in this area: Hampton Dellinger and Dan Besse.

Lt. Governor Candidate at Carrboro Town Hall this Monday!

Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Besse will be at Carrboro Town Hall this coming Monday night March 31, at 7:30 pm to meet Orange County voters and speak a little about his campaign.  Please come on out.  We will be in Room 100.

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton will be on hand to welcome the current Winston-Salem City Councilman and Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate.

Dan Besse has been endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina and the NC Sierra Club and has long been an advocate for the environment and social justice.  Please come hear how Dan plans to help create a better North Carolina.

To quote Dan's website: "I'm Dan Besse, and I'm running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina because I have the experience to meet the challenges of our changing state, a demonstrated record of working for solid Democratic ideals of economic and educational opportunity for all, and a passionate commitment to combining growth and opportunity for our people with the stewardship necessary to keep our air, land, and water clean and productive."

Citizens for Schools and Parks organizational meeting

Next week a group of Orange County residents will be organizing Citizens for Schools and Parks to advocate for passing the real estate transfer tax in Orange County.  This group will be ad-hoc and will dissolve after this May's vote on the issue.
If you are concerned about school, park and open space funding in Orange County and want to help pass this referendum, then please come to this meeting.  If you cannot come, then please email to let us know how you can help.
BE THERE: Wednesday March 26, 2008 at 7:30 pm at Carrboro Town Hall in Room 100.

Years of Planning Down the Drain?

I was glad to read in Lisa Sorg's article in the Independent ( ) a couple of weeks ago that OWASA is contemplating emergency back-up plans for providing water to Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  But I was concerned to read that one of the options under consideration is the construction of a new water-intake at Jordan Lake.

While we all hope that the drought will break before we run out of water, it is only prudent to consider what our back-up plans will be.  Even with more drastic mandatory conservation measures on the way next week ( ), it is possible (but not likely) that our water supply could run out.

Shoulders for Estes Drive Extension!

Those who traverse Estes Drive Extension regularly may have noticed some delays from paving work going on. But wait, before you curse your fate for being stuck in traffic, take note: Those wide paved shoulders are going in right now to make biking on Estes safer!

A month ago, Eric Muller, asked 'Will Chapel Hill/Carrboro Ever Be Bike-Friendly?' Collaboration between the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and the Chapel Hill Town Council is leading to new paved shoulders on Estes Drive Extension – and a whole lot more!



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