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I Want My CHL!

Has anyone else noticed the changes over at WCHL? “The Book show” with Kate Branch and the “Jewelry show” with Berkeley Grimbel ended long ago, and Jim Groot's “World According to Me” ended when Air America took over the nighttime hours. But as far as I can tell, the morning show with Ron and Eleanor, and D.G.'s “Look Who's Talking” are all that's left of CHL's original local programming. What happened? No more Special Hour? No more Last Word in News on the drive home? (I loved getting the next day's headlines a day before the stories ran). Where's Eleanor's Life On the Hill? The Noon report?

Along with programming changes, all the promotional tags seem to have been re-done with much higher production values and voices I don't recognize. Many of them have the same flavor as the rest of AM talk radio.

I hope we haven't lost the station, or was I the only one listening?

Carrboro Knows the Importance of Bread and Circuses

19 Venues
130 Acts
11 Hours

The Carrboro Music Festival is today! Why would you want to be anywhere else?

It's been going on now for seven years. It's changed its name and place on the calendar, but is still one of the most delightful and most anticipated events of the year.
See you there!

Ruby Gets Another Award

Listen to WCHL today. Today's Village Pride Award Winner is our very own Ruby Sinreich. Although she is worthy of note in our community for many reasons, her nomination was made in honor of the's first anniversary.

Congratulations Ruby!

Who'll Win the Superior Court Judge Lottery?

Will Joe Buckner not have to wait until Wade Barbour retires before getting a seat on the Superior Court bench? Conventional wisdom has been that Buckner, our local Chief District Court Judge, would be a strong candidate to replace Barbour sometime in the future; but the General Assembly might have given him an early chance at it if Easley is willing to appoint him to the newly-created seat in the Orange-Chatham Judicial District.

Adam Stein, Steve Bernholz, and Jill Cheek have other ideas.

Three New Petitions Regarding LGBT Rights

Follows is a petition I am submitting at the Council's March 22, 2004 meeting. The Chapel Hill News gave front page coverage to the petition this morning.

My hope is that the petition is referred to staff for drafting of the requested code and policy changes, and that the second petition is added to Wednesday's public forum on the Legislative Agenda. Also, I hope that this begins a discussion of these important issues in our community. As Mayor Foy says in the CH News, "the silence in North Carolina is deafening."



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