facts about city, county and state budgets

Is there anywhere on the web with details about NC state budget, orange county budget, and Chapel Hill town budget?  I've been searching the last hour and am surprised that I have been unable to find any breakdown of the recently passed budgets.  Am I missing a good resource?  I have no agenda; just wondering what the facts are.  Seems like this information is more difficult to find than it should be.




Orange County and Chapel Hill both publish their budgets online.  Both contain additional information about how to read them and related data and questions.  I would imagine the Office of State Budget & Management offers something similar for the state.

Perhaps folks just haven't gotten around to posting most recent budget. All that is available is "recommended" budgets. State site (http://www.osbm.state.nc.us/ncosbm/budget/certified_budget.shtm) has certified budget but very difficult to understand.




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