Follow-Up to "Open Letter to Kevin Wolff"

While I have this semester break, I thought I'd take the time to follow-up on the last blog entry I wrote addressing mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff and his...allegations. I sent a copy of what I had written directly to the campaign of Kevin Wolff and was promptly told by him (or his staff) in so many words that "with age and understanding",  I would one day learn not to be judgmental and that if he becomes elected, he will implement a 2 year plan to get Chapel Hill's homeless of the streets by meeting with each and every individual to address their personal issues (in which he invited me to get involved). 

 So it was obvious he did not want or care about my vote by insulting me. That was fine. I didn't vote for him anyway. The issue that I have is this conditional statement: "IF I am elected mayor...". Why would we have to wait for Kevin Wolff to get into office before we address the issue of homelessness? Through HOPE (Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication), a committee of the UNC Campus Y in which I serve as co-chair, students are already tackling these issues. I know the personal issues of *Larry, *Joe, *Mark, *Alma, *Abigail, and countless others who are living on the streets and in the shelters. What needs to happen is a collective effort of this community to do more to help people out of the cycle of poverty and homelessness. There also needs to be more education about these issues, which is what HOPE strives to do through its programs and what I aim to do each day in my life. 

Let's be realistic. Homelessness cannot be wiped out in Chapel Hill within 2 years. It's going to take a long-term committment.  And it should start right now. It should not be based on whether or not you hold some coveted political seat. If you truly care about those living in shelters or on the streets, know that your connection to them will be for life as we, the members of HOPE, are connected to our homeless friends during their time at the shelter and long after they have reached their goals and obtained employment and housing. What has stopped those peole from returning to the streets versus those who are chronically homeless is the support system we give them as a community. And even if they stumble and fall, we are still right there to help them get back on track. I, personally, could think of nothing better than to ensure that every person in Chapel Hill has housing and is able to survive on a living wage. As far as Kevin Wolff's invitation: I'm still waiting. 


*Names have been changed to protect identities. 




Whoa thats a lot to build off of a statement that may not have even come from him. As it is you offer the reader (me) any evidence that Mr. Wolf  curently does nothing.....Kudos to you and your efforts. The "war on poverty"  is a failed stratagem and I hope you will find a method that requires less taxpayer monies as the billions (650B in 2005 alone) sure would be better kept in our pockets. Something Ben Franklin said about making people uncomfortable come to mind!Chris WeaverWeakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec

I just have to ask -- where do you get $650B from? 

I'm suspending your geek card, James.

it was a stratagem to distract from making a mountain out of something Wolffff(!) may or may not have said... but... assure you my hair is not purple. Weakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec

"fool you once", shame on you, "fool you twice" - shame on you again.

I'm really disappointed that just because someone's conservative perspective or differing progressive perspective than you or the group has would cause you to brand someone as a troll and politic to exclude and discourage others to read those persons opinions whether behind the scenes or on the list. You as a direct elected representative of the town and as an indirect representative of all Orange county residents (your policy decisions affect county residents ex. budget) have an obligation to be open and listen to all opinions in the county.I'm sure Iv'e probably been branded as a troll and attempts to exclude my opions have probably been made, bu I find it really disheartening that an elected representative whether you or anyone else would stoop to such chicanery.

For what it's worth, Arthur, I think trolls are defined by whether they are particpating in the community earnestly or are simply being disruptive. Whether they are misinformed or misguided frequently informs whether I personally pay attention to a poster here (and I encourage others to to do the same), but it does not impact any administrative policies.I should be noted that Chris has already been warned about using offensive terms and concepts here, and the jury is still out about whether he truly aims to contribute to OrangePolitics. He's certainly playing the part of the troll, but if he fully comes down on that side then I expect the editors will block his account as we have done in similar cases in the past. All this is to say that James is not off-base in questioning whether it's worthwhile to engage in conversation with him. (Especially since he starts with doubting broadly accepted realities such as the fact that Kevin Wolff did distribute the crazy flyer.)  So while I discourage him and others from this, I'm not going to to stop them.

I've always thought OP is a great community service precisely because anyone can post. It's pretty partisan, but, did I mention that anyone can post? For a period of time during a past political brouhaha which I don't care to dredge up again, I thought cronyism trumped editorial integrity at OP; that rules were not being fairly enforced on purpose or due to lack of manpower. But again, I think OP took stock and adjusted nicely by forming an editorial posse. I was especially impressed during the last election cycle. So I take Ruby at her word on the issue of trolls and hope that she quickly reissues a political geek card to James.  

Any registered user may post content. In other words, nothing has changed. However, we may need a new rule that requires Ruby to use emoticons so people know when she's joking about James's geek card.

... his geek card is rightfully earned and not mine to take. ;-) 

that part of my response also was a joke. I do appreciate the public service Ruby and posse provide, I enjoy reading opinions that surprise me, and I enjoy chiming in on occasion. Emoticons, would that I had just one now.  ;)


Thanks, My skin is tough from years of abuse and I have the scars from life on the plantation so I do not mind the occasional flogging from my former breathern... but I tip my hat to you.(and OP staff!)cw  Weakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec


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