Super Monday - kids vote at the ArtsCenter


Monday, November 3, 2008 - 4:00am to 12:00pm


ArtsCenter, 300 East Main St, Carrboro

Via e-mail announcement:

November 3rd is SUPER MONDAY! The ArtsCenter will host a mock election open to area youth AGES 5-11. Voting booths will be set up at The ArtsCenter on Super Monday where children in the Orange and surrounding counties can cast their vote for the offices of President, Vice President, US Senate, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor. Results will be made available in The Carrboro Citizen. Don't miss out on this special opportunity for your young person to participate in this historic election! Visit or call Shirlette at 919.929.2787 ext. 209 for more information.


It's never too early to teach people HOW to vote, especially with the confusing NC ballots.  It will be interesting to see (again) how many fail to vote for president because of the straight party confusion.

When I voted Friday, I was impressed by the thorough way the poll workers at Town Hall explained the ballot. I hope they have the same time on Tuesday.

And wouldn't it be lovely if that happened statewide.


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