Amy Fowler Announces Candidacy for School Board

For Immediate Release

Dr. Amy Fowler has announced her candidacy for Chapel Hill Carrboro City School Board. Dr. Fowler has served Orange County children for over 10 years as a pediatrician at Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic. She is a North Carolina native and a graduate of the UNC School of Medicine. Amy and her husband Van have three children – one a recent graduate of East Chapel Hill High School and the other two currently attending CHCCS schools.

Equity and inclusion for all CHCCS students have been the underlying goals of Amy’s volunteer efforts. Amy serves as the chair of the CHCCS Special Needs Advisory Council, an organization for which she has been a leader for several years - helping shape CHCCS’ reputation as one of the best special education providers in the state. She also serves as President of the Orange/Chatham County chapter of the Autism Society of North Carolina, and has served on the board for several years. Recently, Dr. Fowler was named a WCHL Hometown Hero for her efforts to make our community work for all of its citizens.

As a pediatrician, and as the mother of students receiving gifted supports and special needs supports, Amy has both professional and personal experience with our local schools. “Great public schools are at the center of a strong and healthy community”, said Dr. Fowler. “I hope to be elected to the school board because I am committed to the success of our local public schools and I care about our community and our kids. I feel lucky to live in a district where local citizens share that commitment. Every student deserves a great public education.”



i endorse this person gary kahn


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