Primary Voter FAQ

What races will be held? 

  • This year there will be primaries in the following races:
    • Board of Commissioners, District 1
    • Board of Commissioners, District 2
    • Board of Commissioners, At-Large
    • Orange County Sheriff
    • Orange County Register of Deeds
    • Orange County School Board
    • Orante County Clerk of Court


What are the districts?

How are the Commissioners elected?

  • There are seven commissioners. Three from District 1, two from District 2, and two at-large.
  • In the primary you only vote for those in your district and at-large. 
  • Half of the board is elected for 4-year terms each even year by a partisan primary in May and general election in November.
  • If you live in District 1, you get to vote for ONE candidate, as well as at-large.
  • If you live in District 2, you get to vote for ONE candidate, as well as at-large.

When and where do I vote?

  • Election Day is May 6, and polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. BUT you must already be registered, and you must vote in the precinct where you are registered.
  • Fortunately we also have early voting, in which anyone can register and vote at any of the locations. It starts on Monday, April 24, and runs through Saturday, May 3.
  • We'll update you on the voting sites when the Board of Elections announces it in early March.

Who are the candidates?


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