Endorsement lists

I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the endorsement lists of both leading Mayoral candidates.

Non-endorsements: Who I am NOT voting for...

The rules for this post are none-say whatever you like (leave Ruby alone).Why I am NOT voting for Matt C.:Fred Black has said we shouldn’t be talking about values in this election, but I think we should. For example, let’s take a look at Mr. Czajkowski’s values:He says he loves downtown Chapel Hill,But he has promised not to move the homeless shelter out of downtown.“unless there is a complete level of comfort that crime isn't an issue” – M Czajkowski, CH News 10/18/2009“which I don't think can be achieved." – M Czajkowski CHN 10/18/2009He wants to expand Chapel Hill’s commercial taxbase,But he opposes East54. CHN 2/18/2009He wants to make development easier,But he is critical of high-density developments like Greenbridge,Except that he supports Zinn’s high density development in a wildlife protection area.I am NOT voting forDeHart because I heard him say that he thought his children should be able to play in the road. This has been a pet peeve of mine since I was on the counciland I heard countless people justify some concern or the other based on their children playing in the road. I raised three kids on Cameron Ave. and RosemarySt.

Another Telephone Poll

I'm starting a new blog on this one, because it touches on issues raised in different several different blogs.

A response to Matt Czajkowski

Matt Czajkowski criticized the OCDP in the October 31, 2009 News & Observer:

Czajkowski lamented ... an Orange County Democratic Party voter drive when Kleinschmidt is the only Democrat in the nonpartisan mayor's race. "How do you put a value on the resources of the Orange County Democratic Party?" said Czajkowski, an unaffiliated voter. "This is all supposed to be how Chapel Hill leads when it comes to democracy?"


In response, I sent the following letter to the editor:

The election is not about money

Last Wednesday, Oct 28, Henry Lister did a commentary on WCHL about the upcoming election for Chapel Hill mayor and council.  He named no candidates; rather he described the election as a choice.  The choice is between our legacy, i.e., two centures of conscious decisions that have resulted in our becoming a world-class center of education and health care, versus those who are primarily concerned with lowering property taxes.  I think Henry did a great job. Here is his commentary:
The upcoming election in Chapel Hill is NOT about money.  We face a dangerous election next week.  Several vocal and well-funded candidates are running platforms promising to reduce homeowner taxes by developing more commercial taxes, some just because they think that’s what voters want to hear.  But framing this election about money does us all a dis-service and shifts the focus from our real goal, which is to continue Chapel Hill’s legacy.



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