Pundit of the Year 2009

It's about that time, y'all.  LIke it or not, the election is a few days away. It's time for our annual contest to see who is the biggest political nerd in Orange County. Click here to take the 2009 Pundit of the Year survey.

Zazzle modelSubmissions are open until 7:30 pm on Tuesday. Results will be announced by Thursday night. The grand prize - in addition to the obvious fame and adulation - will be a free OP t-shirt or hat in the size and color of your choosing.

Anyone who predicts the winners correctly will be announced here (unless requested otherwise) and whoever comes closest to predicting the ORDER of the winners will be named the Pundit of the Year.

Foy Endorses Kleinschmidt

Mayor Kevin Foy endorsed Mark Kleinschmidt this morning. Here is his statement:

I hope the voters in Chapel Hill will join me in voting for Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor. I’ve served as mayor for the past eight years, and I’m proud of our town – we’ve adhered to our values as a place that protects the natural environment, works closely with our university, and respects all our neighbors without regard for their economic status. Over the past eight years, with Mark Kleinschmidt helping to lead the way, Chapel Hill has invested in a safe, vibrant downtown, new greenways, the arts, a major new park, a transit center, a new public works facility, and an aquatics center. We’ve done all this with an eye to prudent money management (we have the highest bond rating) and diversifying our tax base.

And it has paid off – just this year Chapel Hill was named both America’s Most Livable City and Best Place in the Country to Start a Business. We’re doing a lot of things right!

We have a bright future. A vote for Mark for Mayor will keep Chapel Hill on the right track.

Kevin Foy

The most important endorsement

...Yours!  The most influential endorsements of all are the opinions of people you know and trust.  This is our annual special-rules post to share YOUR favorites on this year's ballots. Here's OP's candidate list complete with links to all of their websites.

African-American Representation on the Chapel Hill Town Council

Whether it is by accident or amounts to a local tradition, the Chapel Hill Town Council has had African-American representation continuously ever since the election of Hubert Robinson in 1953.  Since that time, R. D. Smith, Bill Thorpe, Roosevelt Wilkerson, Barbara Booth Powell, Edith Wiggins and Jim Merritt have maintained a continuous presence on the Council. 

Signs 2009

Anyone have any comments about the good, bad and ugly in the signs this year?   Here are photos I took yesterday:



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