Civil Liberties

Perhaps because of the large number of outspoken and thoughtful people in our community, we have often found ourselves at ground zero in battles over civil liberties. In the 1980's Chapel Hill elected the first openly-gay elected official in the state, but Carrboro bested that by electing North Carolina’s first out mayor a decade later.

More recently, Chapel Hill grappled with free speech issues in the wake of 9/11, approved and then dismantled red light cameras in 2003-4, and was challenged by fundamentalists over support for gay marriage in 2005.

Carr Mill Mall Cop and Weaver Street Lawn Policies--What's The Deal?

Hi, I'm new to this site (which I was pleased to discover via google), and I have some questions regarding Carr Mill Mall/Weaver Street Market's policies.

NC against H8

I couldn't find any events in NC, so I'm making one.

If anyone is nearby and has 8 minutes to spare, I'm going down to the Court House (symbolic right?) in down town Chapel Hill across from the university. I figure the most open minded part of this state has to have some kind of event.

I've still got my sign from the November protests, and I've got some equality NC brochures that we could pass out. I'm going even if I have to stand alone. Its a little muggy, but I think the rain has cleared up. If there are any other North Carolinians who want to stand with our family & friends & allies in California, then feel free to meet me down their at 8.

Its a work night for me, gotta be up at 5:00 am, so I can't stay down there long, but I think we can at least muster this symbolic gesture for our allies in California.

Tancredo Talk

I am interested in what OP folks think about the disruption Tuesday evening at the University of the planned talk by Tom Tancredo, preventing him from speaking. I hope we don't see this as a campus issue isolated from the rest of local progressive politics, because it raises fundamental questions about freedom of speech and liberalism.

To me this seems very simple. Tancredo's views on immigration may be loathsome, but he had a right to speak. I am repeatedly appalled, I have to add, at the lack of appreciation of this basic point among some of my fellow progressives and liberals. Free speech applies even to people who are wrong.

A Visual Guide to the End of Civilization

aka my wedding pictures!

The anti-gay groups don't like that NC is the only southern state without a marriage discrimination amendment to their constitution because they are worried someone could get married out of state, then come back home and sue to have their marriage recognized.  Well as of Friday I am one more person for them to be afraid of because I got married in Boston Friday.


Lessons Learned in Chatham's Supporting Immigrant Rights: Past and Future

Notice via e-mail from Peggy Misch:

Lessons Learned in Chatham's Supporting Immigrant Rights: Past and Future --
Marisol McGee and Martin Spritzer, Chatham County Human Relations Commission, speakers at meeting of Orange County Bill of Rights Defense Committee. 7 pm,  Orange Water and Sewer Authority Meeting Room (off lower driveway), 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro. All welcome. Info: 942-2535.


Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 3:00pm


OWASA community meeting room, 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro



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