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GA bills on University airport(s) - whose authority? whose power to take land?

At present two bills related to University airport(s) are proposed in the N.C. General Assembly. One is Apodaca's S1962, which has been discussed at some length on OP, designed to prevent the University from building hangars for AHEC planes at RDU and keep HWA open until another airport is built.

The other, about which I'd heard somewhat less, is H2725, sponsored by Yongue, Insko, Glazier (Primary); Bordsen and Faison -- short title: "UNC Operating/Capital Funds/Airport Auth" -- giving UNC board of governors the power to create and maintain state-level airport authorities.

It's a lengthy, typically intricate bill covering a wide range of requirements, needs, and eventualities (including the right to sue and be sued), as well as the construction of authority commissions (the likely membership of which we can certainly speculate about, given the recent history of lobbyist/advocate presence on committees and commissions related to HWA).

Alamance fights for right to pollute Lake Jordan

Neighbors Burlington, Graham and Mebane have hired a law firm to fight the "Jordan Lake Rules" that the NC Division of Water Quality presented to the Environmental Management Commission. At issue is the unacceptable levels of nitrogen and phosphorous put into the Haw River, and thus Lake Jordan from upstream waste water and storm water runoff. Not very neighborly of them to want to keep dumping excess nutrients downstream, but as with all things the fight is really over the money that it would cost to retrofit existing infrastructure.

The Other Stuff on the Ballot – May 2008 Edition

So you’ve got Barack and Hillary all figured out, but what else is on the ballot?Yes, it’s my periodic profile of the lesser known races on the ballot this May. I will be partisan and leave it to some other writer to profile the Republican Primaries (there are some). And I am skipping over the US President, NC Governor and US Senate races, presuming that you can find some good info on those somewhere else. I am also skipping the Orange School Board and the District 2 Commissioner races because I don't live in either of those districts and have not really followed those races.So what else is out there? A bunch of stuff and some of it is even fairly important. I have bolded below the names of folks that I think are the clear choice. In a few races you will see two bolded names in cases where I think progressive voters have an interesting choice to make. I personally have an opinion about those races as well and that may come through in my commentary.Lieutenant Governor – No Incumbent There are four candidates for Lieutenant Governor, but only two of them seem to have much of a following in this area: Hampton Dellinger and Dan Besse.

Sierra Club Endorsements Announced

Upon recommendation of the Orange-Chatham Group's Political and Executive Committees, the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed the following candidates for elected office here in Orange County. The Sierra Club supports candidates with demonstrated knowledge of local environmental issues who will provide strong leadership on matters including growth and conservation.

Orange County Commissioner:

  • At-Large: Bernadette Pelissier
  • District 1: Valerie Foushee & Pam Hemminger

General Assembly:

  • NC Senate 23: Ellie Kinnaird
  • NC House 54: Joe Hackney
  • NC House 56: Verla Insko

Forum: Issues Facing North Carolina in the Coming Decade

Join us for a lively discussion about the future of North Carolina! Among our panelists are Orange County Commissioner Moses Carey and Orange native Hampton Dellinger. Come ask our panel a question about what you feel are the most pressing issues facing your town, Orange County, or the state.

Issues Facing North Carolina in the Coming Decade will explore the most pressing issues facing our State in the near future. Students, faculty, and community members will participate in a dialogue with a panel of experts on issues ranging from immigration, to the environment, civil rights, education, healthcare, poverty, and the economy. The panel includes:

  • Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director for the NC ACLU
  • Irene Godinez, Advocacy Director for El Pueblo, Inc
  • Hampton Dellinger, candidate for NC Lt. Governor and former NC Assistant Attorney General
  • Margaret Hartzell from Environment NC
  • Moses Carey, candidate for NC Senate and current Orange County Commissioner

Sponsored by Campus-Y’s Table Talk, in partnership with Advocates for Human Rights, Black Student Movement, Carolina Hispanic Association, Health Focus, Hunger and Homelessness Outreach Project, Panhellenic Council, The Roosevelt Institute, Student Action with Workers, Young Democrats, and Youth for Elderly Service.

Free parking available in Cobb deck after 5pm.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm


UNC Campus, Manning Hall, room 209



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