A Song of Solidarity (Red, White & Blue)

This is a bit of a stretch for an Orange County blog. But not much of one. All around America, progressives are concerned at the civil rights of ordinary workers, and the plight of those most at risk in society. Not least with the effect at every level of government of the new austerity - whether natural or Republican-driven. And that goes for Orange County too.

Sometimes a song can have more immediate effect than a thousand speeches. So I wrote a song. Inspired by the fight for rights by workers both here in Orange County and all around America.

I had become tired of tax-cutters, tax-dodgers and war-mongers claiming to themselves the mantle of patriot. When it is ordinary working Americans and those who fight every day to make ours a better county, state and country, it is we who are the true patriots. Not those who would run down government and destroy the safety net.

So, a warm and generous patriotic song for progressive Orange County and progressive America. Oh. And one with an uptempo beat. So that when it comes time to protest, we can all shake more than our fists ... !!

Forum: Issues Facing North Carolina in the Coming Decade

Join us for a lively discussion about the future of North Carolina! Among our panelists are Orange County Commissioner Moses Carey and Orange native Hampton Dellinger. Come ask our panel a question about what you feel are the most pressing issues facing your town, Orange County, or the state.

Issues Facing North Carolina in the Coming Decade will explore the most pressing issues facing our State in the near future. Students, faculty, and community members will participate in a dialogue with a panel of experts on issues ranging from immigration, to the environment, civil rights, education, healthcare, poverty, and the economy. The panel includes:

  • Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director for the NC ACLU
  • Irene Godinez, Advocacy Director for El Pueblo, Inc
  • Hampton Dellinger, candidate for NC Lt. Governor and former NC Assistant Attorney General
  • Margaret Hartzell from Environment NC
  • Moses Carey, candidate for NC Senate and current Orange County Commissioner

Sponsored by Campus-Y’s Table Talk, in partnership with Advocates for Human Rights, Black Student Movement, Carolina Hispanic Association, Health Focus, Hunger and Homelessness Outreach Project, Panhellenic Council, The Roosevelt Institute, Student Action with Workers, Young Democrats, and Youth for Elderly Service.

Free parking available in Cobb deck after 5pm.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm


UNC Campus, Manning Hall, room 209

Information about Hampton Dellinger for Lieutenant Governor

Hello Folks,

My name is Nick Auten. I am a Carrboro resident and am a volunteer for the Hampton Dellinger Lieutenant Gubernatorial campaign in Orange County. Today, many of us will have our precinct meetings that will kick off our collective preparation for the 2008 Primaries on May 6th. I am very excited and optimistic for the advancement of progressive policies at a federal, state, and local level this election cycle!

We have some good Democratic candidates to choose from for the Lt. Governor's race. I would like to give you some weblinks that have some content about Hampton Dellinger for you to read and also tell you about some organizations that feel the same way that I do about his candidacy: that Hampton Dellinger is the most electable progressive on the ticket.

Al Gore supports Dellinger's environmental stances:

AFL-CIO endorses Dellinger:

NARAL Pro-Choice NC endorses Dellinger:


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