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Fun tonight

Tonight there are two meetings of interest to you social activists. At 6 pm, UNC will hold a forum on the chancellor selection process, and at 7 7:30 pm the County Commissioners will meet at the Southern Human Services Center to discuss the new search for a place to put a future waste transfer station.

I will add more information when I am back at my computer.


The Chancellor's Search Forum will be from 6 pm to 8 pm in Gerrard Hall on campus (between the Campus Y and Memorial Hall). More information and video of previous forums is available at:

The Board of Orange County Commissioners meeting starts at 7:30 at the Southern Human Services Center on Homestead Road. The waste transfer station is item 7b (PDF) on the agenda:

Movement on the Transfer Station

In a good example of both thoughtful leadership and why elected officials should use blogs, County Commissioner Mike Nelson recently posted his response to the local Democratic Party's resolution in support of the Rogers Road neighborhood and against siting a waste transfer station on Eubanks.

Here's an excerpt:

While the actual transfer station itself is not a dump, it does attract the stigma of a dump and has the unmistakable stench of environmental racism. The responsible course of action is to seek an alternative solution.

Additionally, it must be acknowledged that the manner in which the search was handled was flawed. By not conducting a thorough and transparent search, the BoCC reinforced the community's fears. This was a mistake; we can, and should, do better here in Orange County.
- Leading from the Left: Waste Transfer Station

Happy Anniversary Planned Parenthood!

In 1982, five Orange County women who believed that every child born should be loved and wanted, founded a local chapter of Planned Parenthood. This year, we celebrate 25 years of reaching out, growing strong, and meeting the needs of the community.

We've grown from a small storefront operation that could only dispense education and contraceptives to a powerful organization that helped 18,889 people last year alone.

In addition to our health centers, we have reached countless people through our peer education and through our advocacy for good public policy. During the last legislative session we supported a bill that would provide emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault; one that would repair NC's Sex Ed curriculum, one that would expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program and another that provided information about the HPV vaccine to parents.

Orange County Comprehensive Plan Update

Orange County is about to complete Phase 1 of its Comprehensive Plan Update. At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, August 7 there will be a Public Information Meeting at New Hope Elementary School (click for Google Map) hosted by Orange County Planning staff. The meeting is intended to explain the purpose of and process for the Update, as well as receive feedback regarding the County's Draft Goals (PDF) that will be presented at a Public Hearing on August 27th. For the latest official information about the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Update you can visit the Orange County planning department.

Home energy audits?

Next month I'll be sharing housing in Chapel Hill with a few other low-income folks. The place is nice and recent energy bills have been fairly low. But the place is fairly old, and there is at least one major problem--a very hot attic--so I'd be interested in getting an energy audit if we could afford it. Pointers to providers would be appreciated. Apologies if this is a FAQ, but casual googling and a look at the OC extension service website found nothing. (And apologies if you find this OT, but I disagree: while the personal is not always political, these days personal energy use is very political. But feel free to point to other venues.)



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