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Historic Rogers Road Community Enhancement Plan Development and Monitoring Task Force

The next meeting of the Historic Rogers Road Community Enhancement Plan Development and Monitoring Task Force (not to be confused with the Rogers Road Small Area Plan Task Force) has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m., July 17 at Faith Tabernacle Oasis of Love on Rogers Road. Our favorite people will be there: County Commissioner Moses Carey and Solid Waste Director Gayle Wilson.

As a Rogers Road resident new to local government task forces, it quickly became clear to me that Moses Carey expected the members of this task force to "yes" all the issues put before them. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since "yes-sing" the county's agenda (and fabricating reports) is what happens at SWAB meetings. Hey! Not on this task force . . .

Nelson frustated with County budget proccess

Ouch. The N & O blog has published some strongly-worded comments from Orange County Commissioner Mike Nelson about this year's budget process, as well as an admission from Moses Carey that he planned it that way. On the one hand, this is Mike's first year on the Board of Commissioners, so maybe he just hasn't gotten the hang of how they do business. On the other hand, if he didn't have access to the budget in advance, how is the public supposed to be informed about what's going on?

After being told that Chairman Moses Carey and Vice Chairman Barry Jacobs were reviewing a draft work session for that night's meeting and that handouts on some of the topics would be distributed that night, Nelson wrote to Blackmon, Coffey and his fellow commissioners:

"With all due respect, we needed this information before now. I don't understand why I've had to ask for it. The public expects us to know what's going on and to come to these meetings prepared. How the hell can I come to this meeting prepared if I don't get the agenda until now?"

Orange wants Chatham to help with park

Orange County Commissioners on Tuesday night asked their Chatham County counterparts to kick in money for a park planned near the county line.

Moses Carey, chairman of the Orange County Board of Commissioners, said Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park -- designed with soccer fields, basketball courts, picnic shelters and other amenities -- is expected to draw plenty of residents of Chatham County, and Orange would rather not have to keep them out.
- | Chatham aid sought for Chapel Hill park

We have an early discussion going on about whether Chatham County should kick in some bucks for the new South Chapel Hill park. One poster wants to know if Chatham contributes funds can we get the sales tax dollars we spend in Chapel Hill back. :)

Great Investigative Piece in the Indy

The Indy has a great investigative story this week about how a member of Orange County's committee studying whether the county should limit the practice of tethering dogs on chains or ropes has extensive ties to the dog fighting industry.

An excerpt from reporter Ashley Roberts' story:

When Alane Koki applied to become a member of an Orange County citizens' committee studying whether the county should limit the practice of tethering dogs on chains or ropes, she submitted a 13-page résumé citing numerous accomplishments as a scientist and medical researcher: a doctorate in zoology, a dozen patents, and publication in more than 50 journals.

What Koki didn't list in her application, however, was her long history of breeding pit bulls in other states and her association with local kennel owner Tom Garner, a nationally known breeder of pit bulls and a convicted dog fighter whom commissioners declined to appoint to the committee the same night they approved Koki.

Share Your Chapel Hill Story

Over on the Open thread for Lot 5 entry, Gerry shared a really cool story about one of Chapel Hill's unique citizens. I found it really educational and very funny. So do you have one that could top it? Come on help a guy out and impress us with your stories of days gone by.

In case you missed it here is Gerry's story:



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