Racial & Economic Justice

Local governments tackle affordable housing

During last week's Sierra Club forum in Carrboro, candidates were asked what they felt needed to be done to increase the stock of affordable housing in town. Each of the 4 candidates who addressed this question agreed that it is the most complex problem before the BOA.

Both Carrboro and Chapel Hill work from a version of inclusionary zoning that requires new developers to include affordable units along with their market priced units. In Carrboro developers who comply with the "small house ordinance" are given a density bonus to help them recover some of their lost opportunity. In Chapel Hill, developers can provide payment in lieu of compliance. New units developed through the Carrboro plan are deeded over to the Orange Community Housing and Land Trust as a means of ensuring they stay affordable. Buyers own the dwelling but not the land upon which the dwelling sits. Chapel Hill is currently clarifying the legal the language around their affordable housing options.

Lecture/Film Tonight: Stolen Childhoods

Filmmakers Len Morris and Robin Romano will discuss child labor around the globe tonight at 7.30 pm in Memorial Hall on the UNC campus. This lecture is free, open to the public, and will include never before seen footage of the conditions in which children labor so the rest of us can have carpets, coffee, and--in the US--fruits and vegetables. These are award-winning filmmakers doing front-line activism--worth the trip in to town.

You can meet the filmmakers at a reception celebrating Robin Romano's photographs this afternoon at 4 pm; room 039, the James M. Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence in Graham Memorial.

Ending capitalism, er, homelessness

Chapel Hill Town Council Member Sally Greene has tons of great info on the local community efforts to "end homelessness" on her blog. After the most recent homelessness forum, she posted the text of Mayor Kevin Foy's remarks, which attempted to put this economic struggle in context with the recent debacle in New Orleans and to encourage out community to strive for something better. Foy said, "it is possible to have a society as rich as ours based on moral values that does not accept that some people just will be homeless."

After reading her report on the second Homelessness Roundtable back in February 2005, I was impressed by the effort, but confused at the presence of Philip Mangano, the federal "homelessness czar," touting the Bush Administration's efforts. He was back again this time.

Good booze for a good cause

Guest Post by George Cianciolo

The Orange Community Housing & Land Trust is kicking off a 30-day fundraiser beginning tonight at Whole Foods on Elliot Road from 5 PM - 8 PM. The fundraiser is utilizing a raffle for four (4) bottles of premium wines. The wines are a Los Carneros Syrah (value $ 16.99), a 2004 Saintsbury Chardonnay ($19.99), a 10-year old Tawny Port ($31.99) and a Ferrari-Carano Merlot ($24.99). The tickets are $5.00 each and the winner gets all 4 bottles. Of course, it is all for a good cause, even if you don't drink. After tonight, tickets will also be available through October 14th at the Land Trust office at 104 Jones Ferry Road, Suite C, Carrboro. The telephone number for the Land Trust is 967-1545.

So, if you can, show your support for the Land Trust and affordable housing in Orange County by buying a ticket (or several).


The local legacy of James Cates

This event will discuss the history of Chapel Hill's own 1970 lynching of African American James Cates (the cousin of my friend Nate Davis). He was murdered in public on campus by a white biker gang called the "Storm Troopers." No-one was convicted.

Blood Done Sign OUR Names
The Lessons of Censored History For Our Struggles Today
Monday, September 12, 2005
7:00 pm, Murphey 116
Panel Discussion



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