Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools

Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Receives Racial Equity Recommendations

Last October, the Campaign for Racial Equity in Our Schools—a coalition of students, parents, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools staff, and concerned community advocates—released a report detailing the racial inequities that plague the Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools and making recommendations for beginning to resolve those inequities.

Who's announced their candidacy now?

We will update this thread with news of who is announcing their candidacy. Starting next week, we will launch our election coverage with detailed information as candidates file for Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Board of Alderfolks, and Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education.

Filing runs from July 6th to July 17th, 2015.

Then on July 17th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm we hope you'll join us for the Candidate Coming Out Party and Happy Hour at DSI Comedy.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Needs a Focus on Racial Equity

In a previous post, I detailed the initial steps that the Carrboro and Chapel Hill Police Departments are taking to move toward racial equity in policing. But what about other local government functions?

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education has been in the news recently because of its decisions about board composition. First, in filling the vacancy left by outgoing school board member Mia Burroughs, the school board selected a wealthy, white man, one of only two white men in a field of 15 applicants, many of whom were well-qualified women and people of color. Then, they selected two white men as chair and vice chair, passing up a woman of color who has served on the board much longer than the selected vice chair.

Live Blog: Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Candidate Interviews

Here is a list of candidates:

  • Anne DiBella - via telephone
  • Desiree Cho
  • Gary Winzelberg
  • Greg Dye - missing
  • Ignacio Tzoumas
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Jennifer Marsh
  • Joanna Cleveland
  • Katherine Worley
  • Kulwadee Yung
  • Mary Ann Wolf - withdrew
  • Mary Litsikas
  • Rani Dasi
  • Theresa Watson - arrived at 6:25, missed introduction
  • David Saussy

Candidates got to start with 30-second introductions. First question was about biggest challenges, second about communication and decision-making style. Will post answers to succeeding questions below.

Link to applications is below.



This Week in Orange Politics: November 3-9

Tuesday is Election Day. Don’t forget to go vote if you haven’t taken advantage of early voting during the past couple weeks. You can find your polling place on the state Board of Elections website.

Partially because of the elections, the Hillsborough Town Board, Carrboro Alderfolks and county School Board will all be on break this week. The Chapel Hill Town Council will be on Obey Creek and hold a work session on a yet-to-be announced topic. The Chapel-Hill Carrboro School Board will also consider the superintendent’s review state school boards association agenda and the county commissioners will get some preliminary information on financing major projects and equipment purchases.

Here’s the full summary:


  • There is no meeting this week.




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