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This Week in Orange Politics: October 13-19

It’s another busy week for Orange County’s public bodies. The Carrboro Alderfolks will consider a new mixed-use zoning classification, while their Chapel Hill counterpart will take action on making the Rogers Road area part of the ETJ. The Hillsborough Town Board will consider its noise ordinance, while the county commissioners will hold a work session cover community centers, water and more before holding a wide-ranging joint meeting with Carrboro on everything from solid waste to transit to the new southern branch library.

This Week in Orange Politics: October 6-12

It’s another busy week for Orange County’s elected boards. The Carrboro Alderfolks will consider joining the Bee City USA program and discuss locating agricutlural support uses in the Rural Buffer, while Chapel Hill devotes a day-long work session to the Obey Creek development. The County Commissioners will talk about upgrading 9-1-1 technology, while the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will evaluate the superintendent. Both the Hillsborough and County School Boards are on break this week.

And, of course, don’t forget to join us for our quarterly happy hour Friday at TRU Deli +Wine.

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This Week in Orange Politics: September 29-October 5

The main event this week in Orange County will be a meeting between the County Commissioners and both local school boards. The three groups will debrief this year’s budgets and discuss a possible 2016 bond referendum among other things. While the Carrboro Alderfolks and the Hillsborough Town Board take a break this week, the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider Ephesus-Fordham, Obey Creek and the town’s Affordable Housing Fund.

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  • There are no scheduled meetings this week. The board’s next meeting will take place Tuesday, October 7.


School Board Cutting Custodian Salaries to Reduce Budget?

During budget discussions last night, some members of the Chapel Hill Carrboro School Board indicated that they would support a strategy to cut their budget that would affect some of our lowest income workers. A proposal was made to move 15 custodians from being school district employees making $11/hour to contractors making only $9.60/hour. This would save $30,000, but is it really the way we want to save money? Not me.

The School Board may vote on this budget cut on July 17th, depending on when the North Carolina General Assembly passes the state budget and what it includes.



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