Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools

The Fight To Save Our Schools

3,200 UNC System employees lose their jobs under the budget that currently sits on Governor Perdue's desk.

Backers of the budget cuts argue that at a time where unemployment is at near record levels and the state is facing a 3 billion dollar deficit cuts need to be made. By slashing education and other vital public institutions instead of keeping the current sales tax level, the legislature claims to be protecting economic development in NC. They fail to recognize the fundamental role education plays in economic development.

Making it semi-official, I'm running for CHCCS school board this fall

PTA Thrift Shop in Carrboro development

In all the other high profile developments going on, I don't think there's been any mention here or in other media of another bold proposal -- the redevelopment of the PTA Thrift Shop in Carrboro.

Seems to me this is an interesting proposal.   They are using multiple revenue streams to avoid a huge capital campaign (although whether folks will feel tapped out by this going on same time as IFC remains to be seen).  And they are increasing the public good they serve beyond just the re-use of goods to maximize the use of the land they own -- options for retail, office and restaurant/entertainment spacein addition to their store. 


Letter to Representative Insko and Commissioner Gordon on School Funding

With the month of May coming, it time for flowers to bloom and for our school district to trim resources.   Every year when this happens I appreciate the flowers and figure there has to be a better way to fund our schools.  Below is the text of a letter I send to Representative Insko with copy to County Commissioner Alice Gordon.  There has to be a better approach that what we have now.  Thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

Welcome Dr. Forcella

I've been asked a couple of times what I think of the appointment last week so here goes.

In surely the most significant action the board takes (fortunately for us, a not-too-frequent action), the board chose Dr. Thomas Forcella of Guilford, CT as the next superintendent.   He certainly hit all the right points in his introduction and initial interviews over the first day --  encourages community involvement, seeks strong growth by every child, has demonstrated high achievement with a diverse student body.  I am optimistic that we have found a proven leader to bring creative solutions to our schools.  I even heard him utter the word "progressive" in a radio interview.  Either he is extraodinarly savvy about saying all the right things or he is truly a good fit for the culture in our district and believes in the same goals we share.   Probably a combination of those two, but that's not a bad thing either.



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