Duke Power

Lights out

Duke Power mapIf you're reading this right now you're probably not in downtown Chapel Hill or Carrboro. Almost 6,000 homes and business are curently without power, all the way from UNC to Estes Drive Extension (lights out at Sewell School Road). I heard on WCHL that UNC Hospitals are currently operating on generators. 

Duke Power reports 5,782 customers without power at the moment (about 9 am) and their map shows that the problem is localized to the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area.  


Duke Power map  

Who turned out the lights?

There appears to be a major power outage affecting at least 2,500 Duke Power customers in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and at UNC. Duke says they don't know what the cause is, but they hope to have everything restored bt 4 pm today.

I got most of the above from http://twitter.com/dailytarheel. Follow that and http://twitter.com/orangepolitics for updates. I'm posting from my phone so tweeting is a lot easier than commenting.


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