Sierra Club County Commissioner Forum

It's that time of year again, the sweet smell of campaigns are starting to fill the air. The Sierra Club will be hosting a forum on environmental issues for Orange County Commissioner candidates on Monday, March 17th at 7pm in Carrboro Town Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend, though it will be televised if you are unable to make it.

Because I get a number of questions regarding the process the Sierra Club takes to endorse local candidates, I wanted to explain exactly what it is we do to make our decisions. Rather than put you to sleep with a long written explanation, I took to my webcam and tried to describe the process as best I could. Enjoy by clicking "read more" below.



Indy Endorsements

The endorsees in Chapel Hill are Kevin Foy for Mayor, and Sally Greene, Cam Hill, Bill Strom, and Jim Ward for Town Council. In the endorsement the Indy states:

They are successfully steering Chapel Hill through this critical period of rapid growth, and intelligently steering the town's development: they've pushed for strong environmental, land use, and future zoning standards at Carolina North, established a temporary moratorium on building in the northwest study area, advocated for the Rogers Road neighborhood, supported downtown projects, and set strong affordable housing standards.

The most important endorsement

In honor of early voting starting yesterday in Hillsborough and this Monday in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, I am kicking off our annual special-rules endorsement thread. The rules are simple: tell us who you are voting for, if you want you can also tell us why. Please do not discuss any candidates you are not supporting, or your comment will be deleted. This is the one post a year where I require that you keep your comments nice. ;-)

Here's where to vote, see this post for more details.

Indy Endorsements!

The very influential Independent Weekly announced its endorsements today for the primary election, which will be on May 2nd.

In the Orange County BOCC election, it couldn't pick. Thus it encourages you to vote for three out of the quartet of Fred Battle, Mike Nelson, Barry Jacobs, and Alice Gordon.

In the Superior Court race it endorses Carl Fox and Adam Stein.

For Congress it endorses David Price.

In the statewide Judicial races it endorses Robin Hudson for Supreme Court, and Bob Hunter and Linda Stephens for their respective Court of Appeals seats.

Pretty much on the mark in my opinion...

Elections 2004

I am excited to release our first-ever Orange Politics Voter Guide! This is not intended to endorse any candidate or issue, although readers may feel free to post their own endorsements in the comments with the caveat that you may not refer to any other candidates that you are not endorsing (same rules as this primary thread).

A lot of this inforation is available from the Orange County Board of Elections or the N.C Board of Elections.

We tried to find candidate web sites when available, please contact us if you have more information. Also, we would like to add columns listing which endorsements each candidate has received, but we need volunteers to do the research... hint hint. Basically, this is a work in progress, so wait until closer to the election before you print it out for November 2.



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