Non-endorsements: Who I am NOT voting for...

The rules for this post are none-say whatever you like (leave Ruby alone).Why I am NOT voting for Matt C.:Fred Black has said we shouldn’t be talking about values in this election, but I think we should. For example, let’s take a look at Mr. Czajkowski’s values:He says he loves downtown Chapel Hill,But he has promised not to move the homeless shelter out of downtown.“unless there is a complete level of comfort that crime isn't an issue” – M Czajkowski, CH News 10/18/2009“which I don't think can be achieved." – M Czajkowski CHN 10/18/2009He wants to expand Chapel Hill’s commercial taxbase,But he opposes East54. CHN 2/18/2009He wants to make development easier,But he is critical of high-density developments like Greenbridge,Except that he supports Zinn’s high density development in a wildlife protection area.I am NOT voting forDeHart because I heard him say that he thought his children should be able to play in the road. This has been a pet peeve of mine since I was on the counciland I heard countless people justify some concern or the other based on their children playing in the road. I raised three kids on Cameron Ave. and RosemarySt.

The most important endorsement

...Yours!  The most influential endorsements of all are the opinions of people you know and trust.  This is our annual special-rules post to share YOUR favorites on this year's ballots. Here's OP's candidate list complete with links to all of their websites.

Do letters-to-the-editor campaigns work?

Part of the "silly season" (thanks to Fred Black for that great term) is the bloom of letters to local papers supporting certain candidates.  In some cases, individual expressions seem quite heartfelt, regardless of any larger party or issue contexts.  In some cases, the letters seem pretty much obligatory, as if someone feels the endorsement musn't fail to appear among the other letters -- for example, regarding the Sierra Club endorsements. 

Often it seems, however, that there might be a somewhat more coordinated effort to flood the letters pages with statements endorsing a given candidate -- suggesting he or she may be an underdog but with a significant groundswell of public support. 

my "endorsements"

My endorsements for 2009:

First, a bit of background:  I did not support Barack Obama in the Democratic primary last year, because I didn't think he had the strength to bring real change to our country.  Many would agree I've been proven right about that.  I also think that change is needed in our local politics this year.  If you like exactly how things are today, stop reading now.  I've moved into Chapel Hill 4 times in my life, lving here almost all of the last 32 years, so I can certainly say there's a lot I like about this town.  But there are also some disturbing trends I think we need to change.  Amongst them:
  1) Taxes are too high
  2) Lack of commercial diversity in town forces consumers to drive out of town for most shopping (huge environmental issue in my mind), including the issue of decreasing downtown vitality.
  3) Schools that are not educating every child.

The ability and willingness to bring change in these areas is my biggest criteria for voting. 

Sierra Club Endorsements

Laurin Easthom has posted the list of Sierra Club endorsees on her blog.

They are:

-Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor

-Laurin, Ed Harrison, Penny Rich, and Jim Merritt for Town Council.



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