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Carrboro Food Truck Rodeo

My wife and I attended the food truck rodeo near Al's Garage this recent Saturday.  There were five food trucks: Captain Ponchos Tacos, Parlez Vous Crepe, Only Burger, Will and Pops, Blue Sky Dining.  I enjoyed the event, and since I have frequented all of the vendors except for Blue Sky, that is where I bought my dinner.  There was a good turnout, and many of my friends were there too.  We all had a good time.  Here are a few comments I have about the experience.

Food Truck Rodeo

Five Amazing Food Trucks--March 19th--At Al's Garage in Carrboro from 4pm until 7pm. Music, good weather, top notch cuisine. Captain Ponchos Tacos, Parlez Vous Crepe, Will and Pops, Only Burger, and Blue Sky Dining. Pet friendly. Cash accepted. No admission fee. On Main Street in Carrboro (near Crooks Corner, Jiffy Lube) as it begins to turn into Franklin Street.

Round-up your friends for Street Cuisine multiplied by FIVE


Saturday, March 19, 2011 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm


Al's Garage, 100 S Merritt Mill Rd

Food Trucks in Chapel Hill?

On Monday, Feb 28, the town of Chapel Hill will hold a public forum in response to Lex Alexander's petition to allow food trucks to operate on private property within town limits. Food trucks, such as Parlez-Vous Crepes and Only Burger, have a dedicated following in Durham and Carrboro, but are prohibited by zoning ordinances in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. These businesses are currently required to meet state health department regulations. At the local level, they pay for a variety of licenses, including a business license and an itinerant merchant permit. In Durham, they are required to be "tethered to a brick and mortor kitchen" and they also pay "rent" to the business whose private property they operate from (same as in Carrboro). 

Taco trucks in jeopardy?

I was very distressed to read in the Carrboro Citizen that the town development review administrator is trying to shut down the taco trucks that serve food in the parking lots at Fitch's Lumber, Cliff's Meat Market and Johnny's Sporting Goods -- in response to one anonymous complaint. They have until tomorrow to shut down. They can appeal the decision, but that process will cost $250 a pop. You can read the full article here.

I have loved the taco trucks. I love the food. I love that the food is cheap and quick and fresh. I love their salsa. And what I really love (almost as much as their salsa, and the fact that they serve tripe, which I never have the nerve to try) is that they are some of the most diverse dining establishments in town.

Is there anything hungry citizens can do to save the taco trucks??




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