Franklin Street

Stormwater problem? What stormwater problem?

Live Blogging the Downtown Public Forum

The Town of Chapel Hill and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership are planning the process for the future of downtown Chapel Hill. The Downtown Public Forum is Thursday, April 8, at 8:30 a.m. and again at 4:30 p.m. The event will be held in the second floor Great Room at the Top of the Hill Restaurant. If you can't make either forum please open OP on your browser and tune into my coverage of the event. I will be in attendance at the morning forum.  

Estes and Franklin and Walgreens, oh my

Anyone who ever tries to get to and from businesses on the east side of Estes Dr. south of Franklin St. knows that it's a treacherous errand, no matter where you're coming from.  I've become better than a FedEx driver when it comes to planning right-turn-only routes. While I'm sorry to see Walker's BP station go and have mixed feelings about the possibility of a Walgreens there (esp. since Kerr has left the mall), this does present an opportunity to think hard about the miserable traffic patterns in the area. 

How the Town of Chapel Hill stole Halloween

"This is a local event,” Mayor Kevin Foy said in an official Town video. “If you can walk to Halloween, you’re invited. If you can’t, don’t come.”

Wow. Watch the Youtube clip. Lame.

(3 min 15 sec) CUE CREEPY MUSIC and Watch Mayor KEVIN FOY DISAPPEAR INTO A MISTY FOG CLOUD. REALLY? Really Chapel Hill? You can't make this Homegrown Halloween initiative "cool" with special effects or rationalization. Limiting the growth of events like Halloween hurts the "Brand" of our Town and ultimately has a negative effect on our Local Economy.

The overlooked pulse on franklin street

My name is William Travis Kukovich and I am the owner of William Travis Jewelry. The recent Independent article on the pulse of Franklin St. was very disapointing. They overlooked so many of the positive things going on downtown. I will only speak for myself. I sent the independent a small press release before the story was written having heard it was in the works. In the last 5 years my business has grown leaps and bounds on Franklin St.,tripling in size. We are listed in the top 50 custom design stores in the country and the only one in North Carolina. We opened a 2nd location in Costa Rica due to our success on Franklin St. and recently have been creating celebrity jewelry. We use all recycled metals and conflict-free stones. Why the independent would choose to write the story the way they did knowing my own success and the other success stories on Franklin St. is a mystery to me. Our community can only succeed if we are willing to support one another in our successes and even more importantly our failures. I will end by saying I am deeply troubled by the lack of positve media attention given to our downtown community. 



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