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Chancellor Thorp's Installation and State Tour Blog

On October 12, Holden Thorp will be installed as the University's 10th chancellor - this will be an historic and festive event and I hope the OP community will attend.  Also wanted to be sure you knew about Chancellor Thorp's blog of his statewide tour which you can see at www.unc.edu/chan.  Here's the email I just sent with all the details:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Chancellor puts investment into blind trust

I'm not even sure if this is a story, but it seemed interesting to me. It seems that UNC's new chancellor Holden Thorp was a partner with an RTP-based venture capital business that supports biotech start-ups.  The chancellor had planned to continue his role there, but his brother Clay Thorp (who went to UNC with me) is the general partner there and felt it would be best to cut official ties.

Thorp is no longer a venture partner at Durham’s Hatteras Venture Partners, says his brother, Hatteras general partner Clay Thorp. And Holden Thorp’s equity stake in Hatteras has been put into a blind trust.

Clay Thorp says the decision was made as Holden Thorp took over the top spot at UNC on July 1.

“We decided mutually that it was best for him to have no formal role,” Clay Thorp says, “and to avoid any confusion.”

Holden and Clay Thorp still have informal discussions about science and business, Clay Thorp says. But that’s as far as Holden Thorp’s relationship with Hatteras goes.

Let's get Chancellor Thorp off to a good start

Holden Thorp starts his new job tomorrow. I'm feeling very encouraged about his potential to establish a more collaborative relationship between the University and our local governments. I hope he will remember that neither can thrive without the other.

What advice do you have for him?

New Chancellor

Today, according to the Chapel Hill Herald, is the day.

An agenda for the UNC Board of Governors' monthly round of meetings includes a mid-day session of the full board Thursday with a closed-session report of the Committee on Personnel and Tenure, followed by an open report and a final item: "Election of a Chancellor."

The BOG typically spends Thursday in committee meetings, gathering in a limited full board session at 5 p.m. before adjourning until the regular meeting on Friday morning.

Details about candidates for chancellor have been carefully guarded since the UNC Chancellor Search committee was formed last September. Nelson Schwab, a UNC Trustee and chair of the search committee, has said repeatedly that only the final choice would be announced publicly.

The BOG must vote to approve the Search Committee's recommendation.

We should know something after 2:30 P.M. Lot's of rumors on the front runners, and especially their connections to UNC and North Carolina.

We shall see.



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