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How are you celebrating July 4th? & Ideas on celebrating locally?

I'm thinking of staying in Chapel Hill for the fireworks instead of hitting up the State Fairgrounds (my usual romping grounds on the 4th ever since undergrad at State). How do they compare? Who has been to the firework display in Chapel Hill, is it very good? Are there any good spots in town where you can park & watch w/o going to the main event as you can with the State Fairgrounds firework display? Will WCHL be covering the event live? Any other fun ideas for the 4th in Chapel Hill/Carrboro? What are you doing for the 4th?


I found this News Release on the Town of Chapel Hill's shiney new website:

 "News Review

County Comp Plan Thread debates Rural Airport, Kenan Stadium

Since May 2008 I count six posts relating to the County Comp Plan. The event calendar thread of Nov. 17 by far has generated the most comments -- 25 and counting. However, few of these comments actually debate the proposed comp plan -- which will guide growth and development in the county's planning jurisdiction for the next 20 years. Great interest is shown regarding the possible HW replacement airport being build in the county and in the funding of Kenan Stadium. The post from May 17 generated the most debate about the plan of any of the posts -- eight total.

 I'm concerned this "evidence" accurately portrays the degree of disinterest in how County government intends to "plan" for our future.

 the link below directs you to the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Coalition website



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