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The site is having some very strange problems I discovered today. For some reason, tons of content is disappearing for some users. Please bear with me as I try to figure out what is going on!

Also feel free to post comments (if you can!) about any problems you might have experienced here this week. Thanks.

UPDATE: I think I've fixed it. Please let me know if you're still having any issues accessing content.

So what's the big deal with the new platform?

We have finally arrived at OrangePolitics, version 3! You may be wondering how the site is changing, and I hope to explain that here. The biggest change is to the entire framework of publishing - on the new site every registered user has her own blog! This comes with a few other changes, for example every new piece of content does not necessarily appear on the front page. There are several ways to dig in and find the stuff you want, including: the Latest content page, which shows everything that has been published; Keywords (at right), which allow users to label and organize posts any way you like; and the Watchlist, where you can keep up with the bloggers you are most interested in.The front page of the site also shows the 10 most recent comments (as before), as well as 5 recently popular posts (based on your ratings), and 3 random entries from the archives. All of these are available in the left sidebar. Right now, the people designated as "editors" have the ability to decide what goes on the front page.


A running list of known problems with the current (beta) version of OrangePolitics 3.0:

  • Previous users are not having to opt-in to the terms of service.

Problems specifically with entries imported from the old site:

  • Some comments have the wrong timestamp. (Which ones?)
  • All content was "created" on the day it was imported.

Your feedback, please

Please post any non-technical feedback, questions and suggestions as comments on this page

Community 3.0

This an excerpt from an essay Ruby wrote in November about how we might approach community management in this new version of OrangePolitics. Your thoughts are welcome.

As we are approaching the second major platform change to OP (from WordPress to Drupal), I’m starting to think about how to help the readers feed back into the system and have some collective say about what words and what behavior is or is not valued. It’s already going to be a great improvement that trusted users can have their own blogs on the site. I’m especially interested in Drupal modules that might help with rating content (both posts and comments), although I also accept that some manual moderation will probably be needed, especially in determining what goes on the front page.



Community Guidelines

By using this site, you agree to our community guidelines. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will result in moderation or eviction.


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