Why Are Police Stifling First Amendment Rights in Carrboro?

On November 15th, around four p.m., local Earth First! activists gathered outside of the Royal Bank of Canada in Carrboro to protest the bank's investment in the world's most destructive project, the Canadian Tar Sands.  We were holding signs, banners, and doing some chanting.  The police arrived and told us that we could not stand anywhere on the sidewalk at all.

Congrats, Chief-elect Blue!

[Chris Blue headshot]

I just heard that longtime Chapel Hill police officer Chris Blue has been selected as the new chief, as of December 1st. I've known Chris for many years as he used to patrol Northside and really got to know the people and issues there. He's very grounded in Chapel Hill, and although he has a long history with the CHPD I think he's also generally open to new ideas. He's even on Twitter!

While it's disappointing to see the Town continuing the longstanding tradition of white male leadership, I think Chris Blue is emminently qualified and will make a great chief. 

Public input session on CHPD


Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 12:30pm


Extraordinary Ventures, 200 S. Elliott Road, CHapel Hill

Improper Record Keeping at Hillsborough Police Department?

I just received the following press release from the town of Hillsborough.  I wonder what impact this will have on the sheriff's race, where (recently) former Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead is challenging incumbent Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass, with early voting starting today.  Because this is the first I have heard of this issue, I have no idea if it's significant that the town chose to put out a press release today, as opposed to waiting until the investigation was completed.  The timing seems odd to me, and from the press release it's unclear that the police department (or its leadership) did anything wrong if indeed their accrediting agency instructed them to backdate reports.  Is there anyone more familiar with this issue who can comment?

Hillsborough Town Manager Eric Peterson is nearing the end of an investigation regarding improper recordkeeping in the Police Department’s CALEA accreditation process.

Join the CHPD for community conversations

by Chris Blue, Assistant Chief of Police

Starting this weekend, the Chapel Hill Police Department plans to undertake a unique approach to hear about our community's expectations of us.  Beginning on February 6th, we will hold a series of community conversations to hear how we are doing as an organization.  Each session will last no more than two hours and will be managed by an outside facilitator.  The input will be used to develop a strategic plan aimed at improving the community-oriented policing program in Chapel Hill.

We're hoping that residents, merchants, students, and other community stakeholders will attend one of the sessions to help us think about the following questions:



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