How will local officials step up to the challenge from Raleigh Republicans?

A recent column by Kirk Ross in the Chapel Hill News makes very clear how increasingly relevant the N.C. General Assembly's shenanigans are to us here at the local level. In the past, many have debated the utility of municipal and county governments weighing in with symbolic resoluitions about state and national issues. Well pardon my French, but sh*t just got real in Raleigh this summer. 

More garbage from ALEC - HB 74 prohibits local government from making contractors have living wage policy

Just one more thing, I know, but this hits close to home for me from my past Justice United work and the great cooperation we received from governments in OC.
SECTION 5.(a) G.S. 153A‑449 reads as rewritten: "§ 153A‑449. Contracts with private entities. A county may contract with and appropriate money to any person, association, or corporation, in order to carry out any public purpose that the county is authorized by law to engage in. A county may not require a private contractor under this section to abide by any restriction that the county could not impose on all employers in the county, such as paying minimum wage or providing paid sick leave to its employees, as a condition of bidding on a contract."
SECTION 5.(b) G.S. 160A‑20.1 reads as rewritten: "§ 160A‑20.1. Contracts with private entities.

Mega Moral Monday

This will be the biggest Moral Monday yet, and is our unique opportunity to put our collective foot down against the corrupt, malfeasant Republican takeover of our state. There will be an especially strong Orange County contingent, including elected officials.

Please join us!


Education, Economic Justice and Voting Rights: 
Pillars of Democracy! 

Bicentennial Mall - Across from NC General Assembly

16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC

Monday June 3, 2013 5:00 pm

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RISK ARREST TO ATTEND THE MORAL MONDAY MASS RALLY! The vast majority of people will be there only to attend the rally and serve as supporters. You can even go inside the NC General Assembly, but must leave when asked if you do not want to risk arrest.

For those who make the personal decision to petition the legislature through nonviolent civil disobedience, based on your own moral conscience, it is CRITICAL that you attend a briefing and information session beforehand:

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Information Session
Martin Street Baptist Church
1001 E. Martin Street, Raleigh, NC
Monday, June 3, 3:00 pm

Facebook event:

Facebook group: 


Monday, June 3, 2013 - 5:00pm


North Carolina General Assembly, Jones Street, Raleigh

Vote Republican this Fall?

Many of you may assume - as I did - that all the elected officials in Orange County are registered as either Democrat or Unaffiliated voters. If so, then you would be wrong.

In the process of compiling information for a forthcoming spreadsheet of candidate information, I learned that Hillsborough Town Commissioner Evelyn Lloyd recently changed her registration from D to R. Just like that, we now have a Republican elected in Orange County - breaking many years of tradition. OK.

It's not unusual for one Republican to run in the lonely primary for County Commissioner in even years. Like it or not, it's understood that they will not be elected when put to a county-wide vote (especially since the Commissioners designed their district system to only barely change the status quo) but it's certainly their prerogative to run. It is even more Quixotic to run as a Republican in odd years when we elect our municipal leaders and our city school board.

Republicans attempt to deceive Orange County voters

Just read on BlueNC that someone is trying to trick Chapel Hill voters by representing a list of Republican judicial candidates as Democrats. Don't they know we are some of the most educated voters in the state?

Yesterday, I received various complaints about deceptive Republican tactics during the early voting in Chapel Hill. Apparently, Republican canvassers are approaching people entering the polls and asking if they're Democrats. If the answer is “yes,” they are given a flyer and told "This is a list of our judicial candidates." The problem: the list contains only the Republican candidates! Because Party affiliation isn't listed on the ballot, voters are being misled.
- North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meek quoted in Cheaters | BlueNC

If this is true, Republicans are even dumber (or more desperate) than I thought.


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