Family Friendly Fundraiser for Elaine Mashall

Family Friendly Fundraiser

to benefit

Elaine Marshall

for U.S. Senate

Please join us to meet Elaine Marshall and find out why she will make such an excellent Senator representing the state of North Carolina. Elaine has a long history of supporting North Carolina's families through her dedicated public service.  If you still believe in HOPE and CHANGE, then Elaine needs your support. Join us for a fun afternoon and the chance to talk with Elaine about what she will do to make sure America remains a great place for our children.

Sunday, September 26
4:00-7:00 PM
At the home of Graig and Jennifer Meyer

People of all ages and family configurations are welcome to attend.

Plenty of Entertainment for All Ages:
Live music
Get a cheap, delicious dinner from Captain Poncho's Taco Truck!
Enjoy a local microbrew on tap.
Play Areas for the Kids

Donations at any level are welcome.  
Special Family Friendly Suggested Donation:
$50 for any family with kids.
Those Superstars who donate at the levels below will be recognized at the event.
$2400 MAXOUT!!! This is the most you can donate under Federal campaign rules. 

Sponsored By:
Jeff and Laurie Abbey
Henry and Euba McKoy
Esteban and Dana McMahan
Graig and Jennifer Meyer
Rodney and Kenya Trice

Please donate online and RSVP to Drew Turnier at


Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm


9603 Leslie Drive, Chapel Hill NC 27516

2010 Senate Democractic Primary

Since this area plays such a strong role in the democratic politics/ideals in this state, & since one of our own might join the race, I think this will be an interesting topic for discussion.
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall
vs Durham Lawyer Kenneth Lewis vs Captain in the United States Army Reserve & former State Senator Cal Cunningham vs Mayor Kevin Foy

vs vs vs


Here is some more background on the candidates:


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