Weaver Street Market

WSM BoD Meeting Answers "How Bad Can It Get?"

The Weaver Street Market Board of Directors will meet Wednesday December 17 at 201 North Greensboro Street downtown Carrboro at 6:15pm.  The Board will seek to answer the question posed in last month's meeting: "How bad can it get?"  This is regarding the negative cash flow in the last fiscal quarter.

In the last fiscal quarter, the worker-owners did not receive a dividend.  Consumer-owners receive a dividend as a point-of-sale discount.  Is this fair?

Basically, if you own a share in the Co-Op, this is the one Board meeting you need to attend!  Contact WSM BoD Chair J. Myers at coffee_bar@weaverstreetmarket.coop to inform him you will attend (meal provided by Panzanella Restaurant) and to receive an emailed copy of the meeting agenda.

I really want additional co-op owners to attend! 

Chatham Market Place

Down here in the tiny town of Pittsboro, we have the Chatham Market Place, CM, which is in its 2nd year of operation.  WSM helped with their expertise to get CM started and they still cooperate.  While certainly a smaller operation it is a most pleasant and friendly place to shop. Clientele diversity seems to match WSM.

But one place where it really shines is the Hot Bar.  While smaller than WSM and much smaller than Whole Foods, the quality beats both hands down.  The folks at CM can cook.  With breakfast every day, an outstanding brunch on Sundays (omelets and shrimp & grits made to order) with entertainment, very tasty selections for every lunch and diner, hot sandwiches,  and special restaurant style menu on Friday evenings, the cuisine is always really tasty.  One note of warning: it is not necessarily good on the waistline.

If you are passing through you might want to give it a try.

I am a member but have no other connection to CM.

WSM Board meeting

Via e-mail:

Wednesday, July 16
starting at 6:15
Board meetings are held at Community Realty
on the corner of Weaver Street and Greensboro Street

You can find links to the minutes of our last meeting here.

As an owner of Weaver Street Market you are always welcome to attend meetings of the Board, and you are also welcome to make your thoughts known on these and other issues in the open session at the beginning of the meeting.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008 - 2:15pm


Community Realty, corner of Weaver & Greensboro Streets, Carrboro

Weaver Street Market Annual Meeting

This is co-op owners' opportunity to hear from current and prospective board members. Voting on the board is open from 10/13/08 to 11/2/08.

Applications to run for a seat on the board are due by 9/7/08. Contact board@weaverstreetmarket.coop for more information.


Sunday, October 19, 2008 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Century Center, Carrboro

WSM April Board Meeting

Notice via Facebook:

Election Task Force Report

Wednesday, April 16
All Owners are Invited...

All owners of the Co-op are invited to join the Board of Directors at a meeting with the Board's Elections Task Force on Wednesday, April 16 at 6:30pm in the conference room of the Community Realty building.

The Task Force, comprised of worker and consumer owners, was convened to study and report to the Board on two areas: a clear set of election rules and a strategy for increasing voter turnout. This Task Force will present its report to the Board during a pre-meeting session before the Board's regularly scheduled meeting later that evening.

For more information, contact Jacob Myers, Board chair and committee member, Board@weaverstreetmarket.coop

Sign up for Board e-newsletters here: http://www.weaverstreetmarket.coop/board/signupforboardenews.html


Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm


Community Realty Conference Room, 201 North Greensboro St, Carrboro



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