April 2011

UNC Young Democrats Fundraiser

So I hesitate to begin my OrangePolitics presence by being a mooch, but as co-president of the UNC Young Democrats I wanted to invite everyone here to come to a comedy show we are hosting Tuesday night at 7pm at the Varsity Theater!

 Jeff Kreisler is a nationally known progressive, liberal comedian in the vein of Jon Stewart, and UNCYD hopes to get a lot of people out to this event to help us raise money to continue the great work our members do all year long. Tickets are $4 and we will be selling vintage YD t-shirts and raffling off a $50 gift card to a Chapel Hill business.

 We hope to see you there!

 Jeff's Website: jeffkreisler.com 

Extending the life of the landfill?

Because we have done such a good job of recycling (and composting?), we have managed to extend the life of our landfill well past it's sunset date....But at what cost?

Orange-Chatham Sierra Club Monthly Meeting: Sustaining Food, Sustainable Farms

Does federal farm legislation help farmers grow food that's good for us and good for the earth? Speaker: Roland McReynolds, executive director of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church- 204 W. Salisbury St, Pittsboro

Rogers Road (Before Rogers Road Was Cool)

As someone who has worked with the Rogers Road neighborhood for many years, it really upsets me when I hear some of the criticism lobbed at our local elected officials over the issue of justice for the Rogers Road neighborhood.  It’s true that some of our elected leaders have sought to sweep the issue of landfill compensation under the rug.  But some elected officials in both Chapel Hill and Carrboro have worked hard on these issues for a long time. So let's not paint everyone with the same brush.  
The Landfill Compensation Working Group 
In 1996 and 1997, a group of elected officials (including me, then a Chapel Hill Council-member) and residents of the Rogers Road community recommended a list of 14 compensation items that our local governments owed to the neighbors of the landfill.  This list was a result of inclusive facilitated meetings of the Landfill Compensation Working Group (as the committee of neighbors and officials was known).
Showdown at the Assembly of Governments Corral 
The Assembly of Governments met on October 30, 1997 to discuss the LCWG's recommendations.

Council Work Session on Comprehensive Plan


Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 6:30pm


Hargraves Community Center, 216 North Roberson Street, Chapel Hill

Taste of Hope

This past week the Carrboro Board of Aldermen heard a joint presentation from IFC's Chris Moran and OWASA Board Members Braxton Foushee and Wm Stott about Taste of Hope.  Taste of Hope is a joint effort of OWASA and the Inter-Faith Council.  Any OWASA customer can sign up to have their water bill rounded up to the nearest dollar; the extra change allows IFC to assist struggling local families with their water bills.

At first it may not sound like much, but a home with no water is no home at all.  Even a little help with an OWASA bill can make the difference between being homeless or not for families trying to make ends meet in this difficult economic time.

This program will cost you less than $12 per year, but can help prevent homelessness in our local community.  To learn more, go to:


If you are ready to sign up on line, go to:


A Song of Solidarity (Red, White & Blue)

This is a bit of a stretch for an Orange County blog. But not much of one. All around America, progressives are concerned at the civil rights of ordinary workers, and the plight of those most at risk in society. Not least with the effect at every level of government of the new austerity - whether natural or Republican-driven. And that goes for Orange County too.

Sometimes a song can have more immediate effect than a thousand speeches. So I wrote a song. Inspired by the fight for rights by workers both here in Orange County and all around America.

I had become tired of tax-cutters, tax-dodgers and war-mongers claiming to themselves the mantle of patriot. When it is ordinary working Americans and those who fight every day to make ours a better county, state and country, it is we who are the true patriots. Not those who would run down government and destroy the safety net.

So, a warm and generous patriotic song for progressive Orange County and progressive America. Oh. And one with an uptempo beat. So that when it comes time to protest, we can all shake more than our fists ... !!

What is "Local"?

I’m a big fan of the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce’s new OurLocalDeal website, that has daily, Groupon-style, half-off deals for Orange County businesses, but recently when I grumbled about their featuring the local UPS Store franchise, I set off a minor twitter war.  UPS is a global corporation based in Atlanta with stores located all over the world.  The Chamber of Commerce defends their choice as being a unionized, locally-owned store.

CHCCS Superintendent... selected

The new school superintendent will apparently be announced Thursday evening.




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