October 2011

The most important endorsement...

... yours!  The most influential endorsements of all are the opinions of people you know and trust.  This is our annual special-rules post to share YOUR favorites on this year's ballots. Here's OP's 2011 candidate list including links to all of their websites.

The rules: only write who you are voting for (and why, if you like). You can also list the people you would vote for if you lived in their districts. Do not refer (by name or specific description) to any candidates that you are not voting for or publicly supporting. If you do not follow the rules, your comments will be removed. In other words: keep it positive please.

[Note: I published this post and then took it down about a week ago. I got the sense that some folks wanted to wait until after more forums, especially OP's, were concluded to make final recommendation. I hope you're ready to go now!]

Early Voting Totals

The Board of Elections has added early voting turnout numbers to its website.  Click on our website  http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/ and then click on Early Voting Totals in the box with 2011election information to access the daily report. 

 We were at 531 as of end of day Friday.

 Jim White, BOE Chair


Somebody's getting their snark on on Twitter

Home Grown Home Made: A Celebration of Localism in Durham

Durham Community Media would like to cordially invite the community to attend its first annual Home-Grown, Home-Made: A Celebration of Localism in Durham. Come out on Thursday, October 27th to enjoy the remarkable tastes of local food, brew, wine and desserts and an evening of culinary and social celebration! Sponsored by Durham’s newest local brewery, Fullsteam Brewery, the event will bring Bull City residents together to learn about the importance of Keeping it Local.

When: Thursday, October 27th, 5:30-8:30 pm

Where: Fullsteam Brewery, 726 Rigsbee Ave., Durham, NC 27701

Tickets are a suggested donation of $20 before the event, $25 at the door

Buy tickets or for more information call 919-960-0088

Or email events@thepeopleschannel.org

Purchase Tickets online at: http://www.thepeopleschannel.org/homegrown.htm


Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm


Fullsteam Brewery, 726 Rigsbee Avenuse, Durham, NC 27701

CH 2020 Theme Groups: A Summary

So at this point there’s been much discussion as to what a theme is, who will make up a theme working group, what these working group will do and how they will do it. The town has answered these questions in series of blog on the 2020 Buzz site, but there’s a good deal of information to wade through, so I’ve tried to succinctly summarize them below in a Q&A format:

What is a theme? The town calls the themes the building blocks of the plan. They’re not necessarily value-laden; instead they’re areas that the plan will focus on. Currently there are six themes. You can find a list of the current themes here.

The Work Begins: First 2020 Theme Group Meeting

You may have seen my earlier post that described what theme groups are actually are and what they'll be doing. Tonight, theory will become reality with the first of the four theme group working sessions at Ephesus Elementary School. Here's what on the agenda:

  1. Review the process
  2. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of all members and leaders of the group
  3. Identify the components for the theme based on the community data collected at previous meetings
  4. Identify areas in common with other themes
  5. Identify resources for the group, both in terms of staff and data
  6. Have discussion of decisions in the theme group

First Theme Group Meetings Successful, But Need More Input

I would label last night’s meeting generally successful, but reflecting back on what I observed and participated in. Before I get into my reactions, a quick few notes on what actually happened. The meeting took place entirely in small groups. As noted above, I participated in the transportation group. The official title of the theme is:

Getting Around: Transportation: (transportation of all forms, regional assets, partnerships, potential for shared success)

All of the groups basically followed the same format, kicking off with an introduction by the group go-chairs and then moving into the meat of the discussion, which was supposed to touch on four different questions, all with a tilt toward the particular theme’s interest area.

Endorsements for Baker and Storrow

As I have posted over the years, I love this town with the fervor of a convert.  Prior to coming here 11 years ago we moved around, travelled, made new friends as we did and were generally unmoored. Now we are part of a community with whom we are completely and happily intertwined.  When you meet people around the country and around the world and tell them you live in Chapel Hill, their faces light up with interest and a hint of envy.  The question you get is, "how do you like it there?"  My answer is always, "I love it, we'll never leave."

 As one can see from the 2020 visioning project, there are diverse opinions about what makes the town special and how to keep it going.  But whatever the individual opinions, the simple fact that so many people in our town will commit their time and energy to learning about and advocating for the issues that will shape our future, is part of the soul of this town that I love.

OP Editors Monthly Open Meeting

Standing agenda:
  • Upcoming blog topics and calendar events.
  • Debrief any policy issues that arose in the past month.
  • Technical/administrative how-tos.
  • Upcoming events.


Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Pepper's Pizza, 107 E Franklin Street, Chapel Hill



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