Elections 2014

Primary elections were held Tuesday, May 6th, for the Orange County Board of Commissioners, the Orange County Sheriff, the Orange County School Board, the Orange County Register of Deeds and the Orange County of Clerk of Court as well as for a special election for the Carrboro Board of Aldermen! In this section of the site you can find impartial information about the candidates and the race.

You can see archived versions of our candidate forums here

A second primay / runoff for Orange County Sheriff will be held Tuesday, July 15th. You can learn more about the two candidates -- Charles Blackwood and David Caldwell, Jr, here.


ballots are online at orangecounty.gov Gary Kahn.

The Indy  candadate fourum is on Sept. 29,  2014 @ 7 00 @ Flyleaf Books 752 MLK Blvd Chapel Hill.  Gary Kahn

this video is now available and can be viewed at Indy.com

THIS DATE IS  Oct. 14th at 300-430 in Carol Woods.

The 2014 N.C. Voter Guide is available on line at http//NCVoterGuide.org . Gary Kahn

WCHL will host a BOCC candidate forum   with  Gary Kahn and Mia Burroughs on FRI. Oct 24 2014  from 400 - 500 pm. G Kahn


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