Marshall Defeats Burr, NC Has Two Democratic Senators

A blog entry on the NC senate race may be a bit outside the scope for the OP but I have been so encouraged by the recent polling data showing both Marshall and Cunningham in statistical ties with Burr and with low approval rating for Burr thatI was inspired to write this entry.  The title is just vision for a newspaper headline on an enjoyable Wednesday morning next November. 

I personally have been supporting Elain Marshall since the day she announced and think she will be a great senator for NC.  I recently recieved an e-mail from her campaign lamenting that Cal Cunningham did not drop out.  I think there may be an upside from the run off in that it will generate extra local and national press coverage.  It reminds me a bit of the discussion of the Clinton-Obama primary contest.  Many people were calling for Clinton to drop out so that Obama could focus on November.  However, the primary contest generated a lot of interest and in the end, Obama won.

 However wins the run-off next month I hope you will all join me in GOTV efforts next fall.  We have a really strong change to put NC firmly in the blue with to democratic senators.

Run off on OCSB between Anne Medenblik & Laura Nicholson!

The key to this run off is to know your candidate.  I am very surprised that none of this came out in the election….



Laura Nicholson – Has not paid their taxes (remember that almost 50% of taxes goes to education!)


Look it up yourself!

How did we do?

OK, first the election results. Congratulations Barry, Earl, Lindy, Debbia, Donna, Brenda, and Anne!  Then, the Pundits of the Year! (I know you can't wait, right?)

These are final UNOFFICIAL results from the NC Board of Elections awesome web site (click the "map" links to see results by precinct)...

Election Day Open Thread

Did you vote today or early? What's going on out there?  

I expect some reports on this page from some the students who worked on the site this semester and hopefully other readers will chime in as you usually do.  This year, we're also using Twitter to track election goings on, so I'm embedding a feed of the latest tweets tagged #OCNCelect (per last week's survey).

Who's the biggest political geek in the county?

Play now!

OK, the election is a few days away.  This has not been the most exciting election season, but sometimes the smallest stakes can inspire the strongest emotions.  It's time for our annual Pundit of the Year contest.

Zazzle modelSubmissions are open until 7:30 pm on Tuesday (when the real polls also close). Results will be announced by the weekend. The winner gets a free OP t-shirt or hat in the size and color of your choosing (by way of a gift certificate to the online OP store).



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