2010 Senate Democractic Primary

Since this area plays such a strong role in the democratic politics/ideals in this state, & since one of our own might join the race, I think this will be an interesting topic for discussion.
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall
vs Durham Lawyer Kenneth Lewis vs Captain in the United States Army Reserve & former State Senator Cal Cunningham vs Mayor Kevin Foy

vs vs vs


Here is some more background on the candidates:


I remember the disappointing results in key elections in 1993, when Democrats, fresh off a tremendous Presidential victory in 1992 became complacent and Republican activists got upset and activated.  New Jersey’s incumbent Democratic Governor, Jim Florio was knocked out of office.  That same year, Republicans seized control of the Virginia Governor’s Mansion, bringing us George “Macaca” Allen. 

North Carrboro Precinct Meeting

I hope folks living in North Carrboro precinct will attend tonights meeting in the Springvalley Mailhouse at the corner of Springvalley Rd & Pathway Drive.We will meet at 7:30-8:45pm (the President speaks at 9pm and oh yes, UNC tip off).

We want to consider a mortgage foreclosure moratorium resolution.

Do you know about Orange County Campaign for Change(OC3) and the YES WE CANS Food Drive? Come find out.

Elect precinct leadership.

Hope to see you. Bring a chair or cushion to sit on.


Carey in 2010

Did anyone else see the Moses Carey ad in Sunday's Chapel Hill News? (Pictured below.) It says "Please consider supporting me again in 2010."

Yes, he did just say that. By announcing his intent to run in 2 years, I assume that Moses hopes to scare off any other potential challengers. This will certainly put a crimp in Ellie's plans to recruit a woman to run for the seat. Even though Moses only got about a third of the vote this time, I think he would still be a strong candidate against a potential non-incumbent opponent.

Do I detect a Clinton-esque determination? 



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