Live Blogging OCDW Candidates Forum

The Orange County Democratic Women is sponsoring a forum for County Commissioners and Sheriff candidates. The event is tonight, March 25, at 7:30 p.m. It will be held at the OWASA community room at 400 Jones Ferry Road. If you can't make the forum, tune in to OP's live blog for real time coverage.

Sierra Club OC Commissioner Forum Live Blog

For those of you that won't be able to make it to tonight's County Commissioner Candidate forum, I will be liveblogging the event here on OP!

The forum starts at 7pm and it is being held at Chapel Hill's Town Hall on MLK Blvd.

Hillsborough Police Chief resigns to focus on his campaign for county sheriff

I don't have any more to report besides the contents of the press release below, which was released by the Town of Hillsborough this morning. I wonder if something changed since he filed for office over a month ago, or if the campaign is just now getting going.

Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead will step down as the Police Department’s head on April 2.

“As you know, I am a candidate for sheriff of Orange County,” the police chief stated in his resignation letter. “I feel that I should devote all of my energies to my campaign. Under the circumstances, I feel it is best for the Town of Hillsborough and my campaign to step down.”

Orange County Democratic Party Convention

The 2010 Orange County Democratic Party Convention will take place at the Senior Center in Hillsborough.  Come out and meet fellow Democrats, as well as the candidates for local and statewide office this May, enjoy a fantastic lunch, and conduct party business including a full slate of resolutions.

More information will be posted at the OCDP website.


Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 7:00am to 12:00pm

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

The candidates are known, and the races are starting to get under way.  Campaign signs are starting to spring up around the county faster than the daffodils.  And I know of at least three (edit: five) forums which are currently scheduled which I have added to the OP Calendar (a disclosure, I'm moderating the first one on the list). What else is going on in the local primary races so far this year, and what else are you doing to find out about the candidates?



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