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Really Really Free

Guest Post by Theresa Champion

What: The Really REALLY Free Market, a celebration of alternative economics.
Where: Carrboro Town Commons
When: 1:00-5:00pm, Saturday, April 2nd.

Everyone is invited to arrive between 1:00 and 5:00 pm with goods, services, performances, stories, crafts, food, games, music, clothing, furniture, and resources to give and share (fully free of charge!) with others in the community. There is no buying, selling or exchanging involved - in this market, everything is strictly free. Better than a yard sale, the Really Really Free Market welcomes all items for giving and receiving, and has no price tags!

This event is approved by the Town of Carrboro and is organized by a small coalition of community members. This is a "self-organizing" event, in that it is not corporately sponsored or institutionally organized. The Carrboro Really Really Free Market is organized in the spirit of other free markets cropping up around the South, the U.S. and the world as ways for communities to come together, give, share and receive.

EDC breakfast takes us back to past

Chapel Hill Herald, Saturday, March 26, 2005

Last week I felt as if I'd climbed into Dr. Emmett Brown's souped-up DeLorean and ridden with Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly character back to 1985. The occasion was the annual State of the Local Economy Breakfast sponsored by the Orange County Economic Development Commission.

With a few exceptions, the report, as presented by EDC Director Dianne Reid, was a mundane and conventional affair. Despite stalwart efforts by past board members like Bob Hall, Mark Marcoplos and Bill Strom, the EDC seems to have missed out on the progressive trends that can be seen elsewhere in Orange County.

The event had its moments, however brief: celebrating the success of the recycling program, applauding open space preservation and lamenting the shrinking availability of modest-cost housing.

But, all in all, the presentation (56 slides in around 45 minutes) had little relevance to the lives of Orange County's working stiffs and much relevance to the business leaders who, along with a bevy of elected officials and government staffers, were on hand for the event.

Give Congress a piece of your mind

Opposed to the Iraq War? Concerned about the deficit? Support gay marriage? Want Democrats to find a spine? Surprised at support of corrupt, conservative Chatham County politicians?

Our Congressman, David Price, is holding in district meetings including one in Chapel Hill on Thursday. Give him a piece of your mind!

Fourth District, Mar 24 - US Rep. David Price (NC-04) will host two town hall meetings next week, one in Durham and one in Chapel Hill. Constituents are invited to attend and ask Price questions about the federal issues that matter to them.

Price regularly hosts town hall meetings and office hours as part of his commitment to keeping in touch with the 4th District. Last month, he hosted a special town hall meeting in Wake County dedicated to Social Security.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Chapel Hill Town Hall
306 N. Columbia Street, Chapel Hill

Thanks to Paul Jones for the tip.

What Should Al Franken Discuss in Chapel Hill?

As reported in the News & Observer:

"The Al Franken Show" is coming to Chapel Hill on April 13. Al Franken and co-host Katherine Lanpher will broadcast the show live from the Carolina Union Auditorium. "The Al Franken Show" airs weekdays from noon until 3 p.m. on News Talk 1360 WCHL-AM. The station announced the visit Tuesday.

Perhaps someone at WCHL can provide more information on Franken and Lanpher's plans for their visit to Chapel Hill.

I have emailed Franken inviting him to visit orangepolitics to find possible topics.

Some that might be relevant to a national discussion are the change of ownership at the Herald, the rally in Fayetteville, and the Bell Award.

I can't say that Franken is looking for suggestions but what do others think are big issues in Chapel Hill or at UNC that have national saliency for progressives?

Rally for the Troops in Fayetteville

Chapel Hill Herald, Saturday, March 19, 2005
[modified slightly from published version to reflect that the event is now past]

Last Saturday's March and Rally to Bring the Troops Home Now in Fayetteville was not your typical peace rally. The location was chosen to focus on support for the troops.

Among the main sponsors were Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out.

Fayetteville, of course, is the home of Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations in the country. Twenty percent of those serving in Iraq hail from North Carolina.

The event promised a supportive environment for soldiers and military families concerned about the Iraq war. It allowed them to speak out and to raise their questions about Bush administration policy while still having their patriotism honored.



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