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Friday is Buy Nothing Day

An important announcment from our friends at Internationalist Books & Community Center:

Wondering what to do with your family after you make leftover turkey or tofurkey sandwiches? Want to avoid the crazy shopping crowds? Tired of the hyped-up holiday hooha?

Why not try Buy Nothing Day! Join us for a day free of consumer spending at Internationalist Books & Community Center.
When: Friday, November 26th, 12-5pm
Where: 405 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC

What's going on?
Free food and free swap all day! Around 2pm- Poetry hour Block printing workshop — make your own greeting cards! Fun, friends & fellowship!

Don't Miss This Film!

The award-winning documentary "The Corporation" will be playing for free this Sunday, Nov. 21 at 7pm in Hanes Arts Center auditorium on UNC's Campus.

Community Breakfast

Not sure who is organizing this, it was on the NC Peace and Justice Update List.

Saturday December 4, 10:00am, Weaver St Market, Carrboro

Friends: One of the most popular themes when progressives get together and discuss what needs to be done is the need for more social occasions to meet informally. To that end, we are inviting you to the first social activist Breakfast, at Weaver St Market on December 4th at 10am (we hope to make them monthly). We will have a brief check-in, where people can share concerns and announce projects and upcoming events for social change. Otherwise, it will just be an occasion to network and socialize. We would like to encourage the participation of as broad a spectrum of people as possible, so please forward this to any friends active for progressive social change.

Eat Out!

Today is RSVVP Day, when almost every local restaurant gives 10% of it's profits to organizations fighting hunger, such as the InterFaith Council for Social Services. What a great excuse to indulge. Just try not to think of all those hungry families while you enjoy that steak dinner.

Can We End Homelessness?

Kudos to Sally Greene for bringing to Chapel Hill's attention to national efforts to end homelessness. And also to Kevin Foy and the rest of the Council for responding with a community roundtable scheduled for Thursday, November 18. Details can be found in today's Chapel Hill Herald or on the town web site.

The Carrboro Aldermen have declined to participate because of the choice of a weekday for the meeting. It is indeed bad planning to hold such an event when the working homeless themselves can not attend. (This is particularly egregious coming right on top of Chapel Hill's holding the Airport Road Renaming committee meeting all day on a Friday.)

Here's what I wrote on ending homelessness in the August 28 Herald:



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