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Eat Out!

Today is RSVVP Day, when almost every local restaurant gives 10% of it's profits to organizations fighting hunger, such as the InterFaith Council for Social Services. What a great excuse to indulge. Just try not to think of all those hungry families while you enjoy that steak dinner.

Can We End Homelessness?

Kudos to Sally Greene for bringing to Chapel Hill's attention to national efforts to end homelessness. And also to Kevin Foy and the rest of the Council for responding with a community roundtable scheduled for Thursday, November 18. Details can be found in today's Chapel Hill Herald or on the town web site.

The Carrboro Aldermen have declined to participate because of the choice of a weekday for the meeting. It is indeed bad planning to hold such an event when the working homeless themselves can not attend. (This is particularly egregious coming right on top of Chapel Hill's holding the Airport Road Renaming committee meeting all day on a Friday.)

Here's what I wrote on ending homelessness in the August 28 Herald:

What Now?

Guest Post by Liz Mason-Deese

A Community Planning Meeting on Surviving and Resisting Four More Years of the Bush Agenda Wednesday, Nov. 10, 7:30 PM, UNC-CH Rosenau Hall Room 133 (Public Health Building on S. Columbia St.)
For a campus map:

All members of the UNC and Chapel Hill/Carrboro/surrounding communities are invited! Please tell your friends!

The fact is, on Nov 2, 2004, we almost won. Millions of Americans got involved in politics: We met our neighbors; we felt part of a great movement for change. We can't let that energy go to waste. Now is the time to build that movement, to organize ourselves into a power that can stop our "leaders" from taking our country to disaster, and instead spread a vision for a new America. Our future is at stake. Being part of a movement for change is our best hope.

Liz is a junior at UNC-CH. She can be reached at

Shake Election Blues at NC WARN Bash

NC WARN will hold it's Fourth Annual Auction and Dance Party Saturday night from 6:30 to 11:30 at the Eno Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 4907 Garrett Road.

As well as offering a rollicking good time, the event is an opportunity to learn about WARN's new Power Reduction campaign. This campaign gives us the opportunity to engage locally in an effort whose ramifications are truly global, one that ties consumption choices directly to policy making, and one that promotes an energy strategy exactly opposite to that of Dick Cheney.

On Wednesday...

Guest Post by Steve Sherman

Thrilled that Kerry won, and that massive mobilizations of people triumphed over a hideous campaign and desperate voter suppression efforts?

Bummed that Bush won, and ready to tell him we aren't going away?

Ready to make sure this time that we don't stand silently by while the Supreme Court overrules the American electorate?

Come out to the Franklin Street Post Office on Wednesday, November 3rd at 5pm, and join us as we celebrate or mourn and pressure Kerry or Bush (or Nader or Badnarik) to listen to the voices of the global multitude.

Additionally, if it becomes evident that this election has been stolen or tampered with, we will be participating in a nationwide call for direct actions throughout the day, with the Wednesday rally an opportunity for mass direct action.

Bring any and all noisemakers (drums, pots, pans, etc): we will not be silent.

I've heard a rumor that a statue of our current Commander-in-Thief may be toppled, but I can't say for certain.



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