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Time to go Car Free

Guest Post by Patrick McDonough

On September 22, 2004, Orange County residents will join millions of others around the globe and celebrate World Car Free Day by leaving their cars at home.

Orange County residents who make a pledge to go Car Free for the day or go “Car Lite,” and reduce their number of drive-alone automobile trips will be entered in a drawing for prizes. Pledge forms can be picked up at Weaver Street Market, Whole Foods Market, Chapel Hill Town Hall, or Carrboro Town Hall. People can also pledge online at . The EPA estimates that if 10 cars are taken off the road for only one day, 314 pounds of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere.

The goal of Car Free Day is to have fun while reducing the overall use of cars in the community, and raising awareness of the social, environmental, and public health benefits of communities that are not dependent upon the automobile.

Local Vigil for Iraq Victims

Guest Post by Jacquie Gist

For those who may not know, MoveOn is sponsoring vigils nationwide tonight to mark the 1,000th American military death in this dirty war. Actually if you count civilian contractors, which the White House does not, the 1,000th death occured weeks ago. The vigil for our community will be at the Franklin St Post Office at 8pm today. Since we will be joining with thousands of vigils around the country it really does matter if folks show up. For more information, visit .

Jacquie is a member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

[We apologize for a technical problem which delayed the posting of this time-sensitive item. -Ed.]

Fireworks Show at Town Hall

There are a variety of hot topics on the the Chapel Hill Town Council agenda tonight. I won't be there in person, but I'll be watching on TV and will report semi-live on this thread as the meeting is in progress.

A few highlights:

Carrboro Poetry Festival

Another reason it's great to live here. ("Here" for me being very near Carrboro.)

The Carrboro Poetry Festival is only two weekends away.

The Carrboro Poetry Festival, to be held June 5 and 6 at the Carrboro Century Center in the heart of Carrboro North Carolina, will feature 40 poets.

Renowned North Carolina poets Carl Martin, Gerald Barrax, Jaki Shelton Green, Jeffrey Beam, John Balaban, and shirlette ammons will read their poetry along with some of America's best younger poets--Brian Henry (editor of Verse and founder of Verse Press), Linh Dinh (anthologized in Best American Poetry 2000 and the editor and co-translator of Night Again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam), K. Silem Mohammad (author of Hovercraft and Deer Head Nation), and Lee Ann Brown (Charlotte native and winner of the New American Poetry Prize).

The festival is co-sponsored by the Town of Carrboro, The Independent Weekly, The Town of Carrboro Art Committee, and Carrboro Poet Laureate Patrick Herron, the organizer of the event.

Admission is FREE.

The West Bank Connection

Most folks in this area are pretty informed about Middle East issues. Although it's a global issue, the Palestinian crisis affects our community because of our strong academic, friendship, and sometimes cultural global ties in this college town. Well, now's your chance to listen to and talk to people who have lived in the West Bank and have some insight on the crisis. Just FYI, this presentation is geared towards the Christian faith community. However, I've heard Marthame and Elizabeth speak and have really gained some new insights into Palestinian human rights issues through their work.

Here's the announcement:



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