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Commissioners and Planning Board discuss draft Comprehensive Plan

This Tuesday, June 10, the County Commissioners will hold a work session with the planning board to discuss the proposed comprehensive plan update. Although the plan has been under development since October 2006, the work session will be the first public meeting at which the commissioners will scrutinize the plan. The work session begins at 7:30pm and will be held at the Link Government Services Center, 200 S. Cameron St., Hillsborough.

The Peoples Channel's Satisfaction Survey

Good evening OP folks,


I thought community members might find it interesting to see the results of our most recent satisfaction survey. I think it pretty accurately shows where the organization is: We’re doing a whole lot, with very little! You can view it at:

Mother's Legal Rights Violated

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my website at and shared their stories. Here is just one:

Cheryl** is 37 years old. She is the mother of 3 children, ages 14, 7 and 14 months. Cheryl is employed full-time and lives in a 4-bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath home on 60 acres. Orange County Child Protective Services (CPS) removed Cheryl's 3 children from her custody on January 15, 2008, alleging that her 7-year old son was locked out of the house one day and had to call his father from a neighbor's house. According to the juvenile petition filed by CPS, Cheryl is "jittery" and her behavior raises "suspicions" of a personality disorder or substance abuse. To date, Cheryl has taken 27 drug tests which have all been negative.

Make Orange County More Sustainable by Equitably Balancing Development and Environmental Protection

This Monday at 7:30 p.m. the county commissioners and planning board will be conducting a public hearing at the courthouse in Hillsborough on the proposed comprehensive plan update. Ideally, the plan will firmly establish the county on a path toward sustainability that balances environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality. The draft plan can be accessed from

In the first chapter many encouraging phrases are found such as: "Mixed-use districts are being actively encouraged, and locations are being identified, providing live-work-shop opportunities that minimize travel needs ... (T)he identification of growth opportunity areas near transit corridors and along major thoroughfares encourages more public transportation use by County residents. ... (P)lacing public water and sewer facilities near areas targeted for dense development can reinforce a more sustainable land use pattern ... (P)ublic investment will be focused to stimulate and accommodate (economic) development in strategic locations that can be served by transportation systems and be convenient to housing opportunities."

the blurry line between Orange and Alamance

Who would have thought that in 2008 there would be any question about where the county lines between Alamance and Orange are? Turns out the exact line is in dispute to the tune of several hundred acres.



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