Orange County

Tax proposals: Hillsborough up 8%, Carrboro up 4.9%

Hillsborough budget proposal calls for tax rate increase of nearly 8%

Proposed $18.5 million budget would raise Carrboro tax rate 4.9%

notable quotes:

"The economy has really made it difficult," said Peterson, who noted that Chapel Hill and Carrboro also are facing local property tax-rate increases.

 -- Hillsborough Town Manager Eric Peterson

"I don't recall, at least in recent history, a more dim outlook in terms of revenue projections," -- Carrboro Town Manager Steve Stewart.

Public Hearing on County Plan - May 19

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AT THE PUBLIC HEARING for the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Update

Do you live, work or own land in Orange County? Are you concerned about whether you and your children can find work here and afford a home? Do you want farmland and natural areas to be protected? Then you should have a voice in the future development of Orange County.

What: The Orange County Comprehensive Plan serves to guide the County's growth and development through the year 2030. By setting goals and objectives, County officials can use the document to guide policy decisions that effectively provide a high quality of life for residents. The upcoming public hearing is the last public forum for the County to gather public input on the draft plan prior to adoption.

When: Monday, May 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Gordon Battle Courtroom, 106 E. Margaret Lane, Hillsborough

You can have your voice heard in one of the following ways:

Public Hearing on proposed comprehensive plan for Orange County

Do you live, work or own land in Orange County? Are you concerned the increasing cost of housing? Do you want farmland and natural areas to be protected? Would you like the county’s commercial tax base grow? Do you want the soon-to-be-updated comprehensive plan to address climate change?

If so, you may want to attend the Public Hearing next Monday, May 19 (7:30 p.m., Gordon Battle Courtroom, Hillsborough) and express your views. County staff and planning board members will present a proposed update of the 1981 comprehensive land use plan.

The Comprehensive Plan update will direct how Orange County will develop through the year 2030. It guides decisions for a wide range of local issues: housing, economic development, transportation, land use, environment, parks & recreation, and community services & utilities. The draft comprehensive plan is available on line at Hard copies can be viewed at the public libraries in Carrboro, Cedar Grove, and Hillsborough.

While comments are best submitted on or before May 19th, the county planning board is likely to take written comments until at least its June 4 meeting.

Making public comments is easy and can be done in several ways.
* You can submit written and/or verbal comments at the Public Hearing.
* You can email comments to County staff at
* You can call county staff with your comments at (919) 245-2575, or you can mail written comments to the Orange County Department of Planning and Inspections, 306-F Revere Road, PO Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

For more information on the planning process visit the Orange County Comprehensive Plan website:

To learn about the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Coalition, visit


Monday, May 19, 2008 - 3:30pm


Gordon Battle Courtroom, Hillsborough

Selected 2008 Primary Maps: President, NC Senate 23, and the Transfer Tax

With limited time and so many races to choose from, we selected the 3 ballot items that most interested us: the Democratic presidential primary, the Democratic NC Senate district 23 primary, and the land transfer tax referendum. The numbers are based on unofficial results from the Orange County Board of Elections and do not include early, absentee, and provisional votes. A Google Maps view of Orange County voter precincts is available here.

Will Congressman Price vote for more war funding today?!

North Carolina has offered county commissioners 2 choices in raising taxes: land transfer tax or sales tax. These taxes are, in part, needed as counties and municipalities are struggling to fill in growing gaps that are left after the funding cuts in social services that the Federal government has made as it diverts, the already diminished (due to tax cuts), federal tax revenue -- which is wasted on war.

The House of Representatives will vote as soon as today -- Thursday, May 8 -- on an additional $162.6 billion for the war and occupation in Iraq!



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