Blogs keep us plugged in on politics

As published in the Chapel Hill Herald on December 16th, 2006:

You probably know Sally Greene, Mark Kleinschmidt and Laurin Easthom well as members of the Chapel Hill Town Council. You may not, though, know about another pastime that the three of them also share. They are among the ever-growing cadre of local bloggers.

Greene is one of the most intellectually well-rounded people I have ever met, and it comes through in her blog postings. She practices law, lectures and teaches about racial issues in the South and has edited an essay collection about the writings of Virginia Woolf. Her postings in the nearly two and a half years since she started her blog, titled GreeneSpace, have touched on all of those topics as well as her more public role as a member of the council.

Some of her more recent postings have included a preview of a panel that she will be moderating next month in relation to desegregation in Chapel Hill, a discussion of Barbies and advice on affordable Christmas gifts.

Of course she has also delved into the scale of buildings downtown and other more political stuff.

Chapel Hill public hearing on YouTube

On Will Raymond's blog post Chapel Hill Downtown Development Initiative: The Debate, there are links to TWENTY ONE separate videos of twenty one different people speaking at a November 20th public hearing on downtown development. To make it real easy to choose which one to watch there are screen shots from the video of the people who spoke with their names captioned at the bottom. (I've copied them below.)

The NextBus is here

The much-discussed and very expensive NextBus system is now operational! Using this web site, you can see where buses are on 5 of Chapel Hill Transit's 24 weekday routes.

I haven't got a chance to check out the interface at bus stops yet. Any one seen it?

Carrboro launches online "Action Line"

Carrboro has launched a new online system to help residents interact with town government. The Carrboro Action Line is oriented toward facilitating communication with town staff on a wide range of informational and action items.

There is an article on the project in today's Herald.

We discussed improving the friendliness of the town web site at the board retreat last February. This strikes me as a big step forward, entirely from staff initiative and at a fairly low cost.

I'll be interested to learn of the experience of users of the system (as, I'm sure, will town staff who just rolled out the program). In particularly, you web savvy folks who've been riding Chapel Hill's case on technology, let us know what you think of this step for Carrboro.

Come learn about The Peoples Channel!

Hey all,

I know many of you have seen me posting on here regarding State and Federal telecom politics..yuck.....well, I'm not going to do that tonight. I just wanted to extend an invitation to you all to come on down to The People's Channel and really see what we're all about. We all use OP to raise our voices and discuss issues, and that's exactly what we do at TPC as well! We teach people how to communicate using media, and let them air programs on our community TV cool huh? This event is also a formal opportunity for other independent media makers to share their work (let me know if you want a table) and network with others who are creating local independent community media.



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